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Bridjitta Jun 2020
"Edward, stay after class. The rest, you may now take your lunch". Everyone rushed towards the door while Edward sat on the teacher's table, completely puzzled.
"Uhh... Yes Mr. Fabio?" he asked.
"What was the performance task for this quarter Edward? "
" Oh. To create a poem about science? "
" Uhuh. And what did you write? "
" Uhmmm.. a poem for a science teacher. Is that the reason why you called for my attention sir? "
" Nope. It's not. " Edward gave a sigh of relief and smiled. " What is it then, sir? "
"I told you to stay because I know that you did not make this poem! " Mr. Fabio remarked angrily. Edward was now sweating yet he denied the accusation. He tried to persuade his Physics teacher that he was the one who made the poem. Yet his teacher seemed to be a hundred percent  sure that he was not the author.
"How could you tell?" He finally remarked.
"Because that was the exact poem your mother made for me 15 years ago! " Mr. Fabio shouted. Edward was astonished and he couldn't believe what he just heard. "Wait... ww---what?! Mom?!"
"See. I knew it wasn't you Edward. Next time, when it comes to projects, don't be too dependent on others. You are the one being graded here, not Melissa".
" How'd you know my mom? Was she your student before? "
With a deep sigh, Mr. Fabio began narrating, while Edward sat facing his teacher.
"Your mother was not only an ordinary student. She was one of the brightest students I had. Melissa loved me, not only as a teacher, but something beyond the boundaries. But during that time, teacher student relationships were illicit, so despite the mutual feelings, I decided to hide my love for her and started to act cold and stubborn. "
" So you never had a relationship? "
" Nope. "
" Then what about the poem? "
"Oh. That poem" Mr. Fabio chuckled.
"In front everyone, yes. She recited that poem. That's how confident your mother was back then, and I could see that you've got that confidence too. After that I started to become known in this school. Not as a physics teacher but as the one your mother was head over heels with. Actually I even loved her more. But it was forbidden"
" So what did you do? Did you secretly confess or what? "
" No. I told her to stop."
" But why?"
" Because I am her teacher, and she is only my student"
" I thought you loved her too sir?"
" Well, yes. My love for her never stopped. Yet I had to set the line between us, because I don't want to lose a job, and I don't want her to be judged even more. Your mother was an achiever, you know"
" Did you actually try to confess?"
"Yes, during their graduation day. After the ceremony, I tried to approach her. But I saw another guy approaching her as well, giving her a bouquet of flowers. All I knew was that the guy is an engineering student".
" Dad. That's my dad sir."
" it's good to hear then. I thought all things were already going well. I thought that was the perfect time because she's not my student anymore. But I realized that because of pretending to be ruthless, I've hurt her a lot."
" Maybe mom got tired of waiting" and both laughed at each other.
" That day broke my heart Edward. You see, I still love your mom but yeah, she's got a family and now she haves you. " Both were in awkward silence. Then Edward decided to ask his teacher one last question.
"Sir, will I get deductions for this?"
"No worries. Just promise me you won't do it again okay? You may now take your lunch."
Edward bid farewell to his teacher. Mr. Fabio did the same. And as Edward closed the door, he peeked one last time, only to see his teacher in tears embracing the poem he submitted.
HD Feb 2019
Have you ever seen how comfortable a coffin looks? They say “Rest In Peace” so it's quite befitting. Yet the metaphor is right there; comfort is death. To be comfortable means that you've voluntarily given up yearning for adventure. Rather you lay in a box, than chance the uncertainty of life's greater mysteries. What courage has spawned from contentment? What valor was seized by those who would rather lay down and submit, than stand up and fight? None can escape the enticing tomb that solidifies one's fate. We all grow tired. Each of us longs for a moments rest to catch our breath. Be that as it may, one mustn't linger. This is all death does and he’ll keep you waiting as well, for it makes ease of his cause. He's a bartering man with no soul left to wager, so he propositions a deal that no mortal could resist. "Lend me your time for all of your days and I'll return you the favor, when it’s your soul that I embrace.”
I walk alone contemplating the scenery of an abandoned castle
Beside the Forest of Whispers an amazing view am baffled
I contemplate the thought if I should walk inside or not
All the sudden I hear a voice in my head inviting me to come in
I gather all my courage and enter the castle
I stop briefly to look at the entrance of the castle itself
It has Two Giant Stone Cyclops statutes and a huge metal door
The scenery is captivating yet am a bit nervous to press on
I look everywhere but there is no one there and I get closer to the entrance...

Without warning I see the huge metal doors begin to slowly open
Lots of dust and smoke emanate from the ground as they slowly sway open
I think to myself (What's going on this is just weird) I hear the voice again...
"Come inside adventurer I have something for you" I carefully step inside the Abandoned Castle
Inside the Majestic Palace it's beautiful...I carefully examine everything insight
A Old Painting with a Young Man dressed in an 1800's Draco Tunic (Black & Red Colors)
A Gorgeous Staircase that looks like it has been recently cleaned and polished
Many pieces of Marble Art all over the Main Hall Room -The part of the Castle am in- and many doors up the staircase and where I recently occupy
I ask the voice "Who are you?" and it replies (The voice itself sounds a little rusty and hoarse a bit old in fact) "I am Aziel Count Of the Darkness the 3rd Prince of the Night, I have lived here in my Castle for 750 years" As I survey the Main Hall Room in the middle of the room above the stairs that lead to the second part of the Castle itself there hangs the painting I briefly looked at. It's a huge painting a beautiful masterpiece carefully detailed and crafted with a young man dressed in a handsome Draco Tunic. His long dark hair deep black eyes and the black and red garments his wearing truly make him stand out and make him look like a Count of the Night...I think to myself (Could this be him...Aziel?) and just as soon as that thought came to mind I heard the voice again..."Yes that is me Adventurer the one portrayed in that painting is me, now tell me may I have the pleasure of knowing your name?" then I swiftly reply "My name is Frank Deltoro" As I get closer to the painting ...
All at once five scarecrows come out of no where ...from various parts of the Castle I assume and they all get together and commence to form a shape...about 10 ft from me.

Then I realize the form it's human and there I stand in awe it's an Old brittle man shirtless with silver eyes his skin pale as chalk and his pants wore out and thorn down. I get closer and closer to him then am about 3 ft from him and he says "Stop right there...I want to request something from you my mortal friend." Then he proceeds to speak again "Hello Frank my name is Aziel Governale. I am one of the 3 princes of the Night. My 2 brothers Vladimir my Elder Brother and Uriel my younger in fact the youngest sibling of us 3 reside in different abandoned sites long forgotten by mankind. It's 1933 in England in the remote sites of the burned down village of Qwutzentok. It was 13 years ago that the Order Of the Silver Knights burned down the village due to their iniquity and blasphemy against the one true God Almighty. The village conducted dark rituals to try to revive the Lord of the Night my Father...Dracula, but their attempts where in vain and futile. I still command to some extent the power of the night but my powers have been weakened by the Order of the Silver Knights and their Holy Crusade to conquer and extinguish the Night forever. I have hid here for 700 years after a Silver Knight known as Joshua Villamont defeated me and I was cast into hell periodically until I was revived with a blood ritual from a woman known as Elizabetha a young mortal woman who had fell in love with me when I was a mortal man. (He pauses for a second) (I analyze him head to toe as he speaks but I am in bewilderment and tremendous fear.) -He begins to speak again-

"I want to extract revenge on the Order regain all my power and might as one of the princes of the Night and revive my dear Elizabetha. She was killed by a Silver Knight back in the year 1225. I had just become a Prince of the Night and shortly after the Order raided our family and killed me or so they thought in the Father had about 12 years of being dead and my 2 other brothers where no where to be found. We had all been scattered by the Order. I had been a Vampire only for about 3 years and then I was defeated by the Order and cast into hell and she rescued me and saved me. We stayed together for a while but I was too weak to make her a vampire and then the Order raided me once more and killed her. Now I want her back and I want understand?"

Deltoro: "Yes I understand. But why should I help you?"
Aziel: "Due to the fact you have some distrust and hatred in your heart towards the Order. You was denied to become one of them due to your visual impairment in your left eye you can only see blurs and part of your right hand it's movement is restricted due to your born defect you can't move 2 fingers from your right hand. To be exact those fingers are your index and your pinky finger."
Deltoro: -Stands there in complete awe and shock- "How did you...know?"
Aziel: "Am a Count of Darkness I can read man's hearts. I control to some extent telepathy. I can read 97.5% of individuals. It's a perk you get for being a Count."
Deltoro: " have swayed me I will help you. But wait why can't your brothers help you if you can telepathically talk to them both?"
Aziel: "Oh mere human. Vladimir is dead...he was extinguished by the Order. Uriel I do not know his whereabouts I know he isn't in England. Therefore am here alone just I finally got an opportunity to extract revenge so that's it's exactly what I plan to do."
Deltoro: "OK so what must I do?"
Aziel: -Thinks to himself for a minute- "Have you heard of the so called Goddess Of The Forest?"
Deltoro: "Oh yes I heard that myth before Nabyah The Goddess Of the Forest Of Whispers."
Aziel: "It's not a fairy tale you know she exists and she is in the heart of the forest itself. All you must do is convince her to give you some of her blood willingly and if she isn't cooperative you must take the blood from her anyway and bring it to me."
Deltoro: "But she must be a powerful deity am sure she is going to fight back if I try to do such a thing."
Aziel: "Well ...those are the risks you must take in order for me to grant you my reward."
Deltoro: "Very well challenge accepted. I'll depart now."

(And so Frank Deltoro departs swiftly towards the Forest)


Draco Tunic= A Robe worn by Counts back in the 1800's. It displays Dragon scales in them. Only the true Counts of the Night had real Dragon scales placed on them however.

The Order Of the Silver Knights= Founded in 1000 the first millennium by King Nathan Bulderaux III. It fights the powers of Darkness ever since it's formation. It became famous after defeating the High Lord Dracula King of Darkness and vanishing his soul into hell.

                                                                                                      ->TO BE CONTINUED...
This short story going to consist of 5 individual Acts I,II,III,IV,V Finale. It's going to make it to the best sellers in NY Times short stories.
Elle Sang Mar 2016
Jakarta, 1986

Wanita berambut cokelat muda sebahu itu terlihat sedang asyik mengamati asap rokok yang ia keluarkan sebelum membuang puntung rokok ke tanah dan menginjaknya. Jalanan di Jakarta memang selalu ramai tapi tak satupun mobil-mobil yang sedang berlalu-lalang itu akan berhenti dan menghentikan apa yang akan ia lakukan setelah jam menunjukkan pukul lima pagi. Masih terngiang di kepala apa yang orang-orang katakan tentangnya selama ini.. *sampah
, pelacur memang tidak pantas hidup enak, ingat ya, kau itu cuma pelacur ia memejamkan mata sambil perlahan menghitung berapa kali ia telah mendengarkan cacian setiap pulang.

Jam yang berada di tangan kirinya masih menunjukkan pukul lima kurang lima belas menit, ya lima belas menit yang ia gunakan untuk akhirnya mengingat perkataan Abimanyu. Laki-laki terakhir yang memberikan segalanya, harta, kasih sayang, dan waktu tapi ia tak dapat menikmati itu semua walau sudah mencoba beribu kali aku tidak akan pernah berubah menjadi laki-laki yang sudah menyia-nyiakanmu ,kau tahu bahwa seberapapun mahalnya berlian apabila yang memakainya tidak pantas maka akan terlihat murah?, kau terlihat cantik dengan apapun, aku melakukan semua ini karena aku tak sanggup melihatmu sedih, aku akan terus mencintaimu walau kau tak akan pernah bisa membalas perasaanku yang hanya akan selalu ia balas dengan aku sudah tak percaya cinta atau aku sudah tak punya hati hatinya telah membeku dicabik-cabik sejak dulu, sebelum bertemu Abimanyu. Air mata perlahan mengalir dari mata yang tertutup itu, lima menit lagi batinnya sebelum mengusap air mata yang sudah membasah pipi dan meluruskan gaun putih rancangan desainer terkenal yang diberikan sebagai hadiah untuknya tak dipungkiri gaun itu bernilai lebih dari penghasilannya selama satu bulan namun apalah arti uang disini?
Ia kembali melirik jam yang sekarang menunjukkan dua menit sebelum pukul lima, diatas jembatan layang itu masih ramai oleh hiruk-pikuk kendaraan.  Tenanglah tak akan ada yang mampu menyelamatkanmu.

Jam sudah menunjukkan pukul lima pagi, tanpa berpikir panjang ia melepas pegangannya dari pagar yang menopang tubuh dan terjun bebas tanpa ada perlawanan terhadap gravitasi.
**Tak semua bidadari hidup bahagia di surga
Dakota Jun 2014
I see the peeling paint upon the wall,
Along with bricks ready to fall.
The thunder is drawing near,
Whispered words are spoken with fear.
The rain is here with all it brings.
The smell? the sorrow of forgotten things.
Taste the tension in the air?
Bitter lonliness, lack of care.
Just like marble, cold and smooth,
I reach for a heart impossible to soothe.
Can you feel the sky falling down?
But if you'd never known, you wouldn't hear a sound.
~inspired by Poe's Short Story "The Fall of the House of Usher" .

— The End —