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Pagan Paul Jun 2018
I know this place,
light stone avenues,
fig, pear, apricot and apple,
trees that line in rows,
cut paving with neat gutters
**** white granite buildings,
as ferns and creepers
cascade from roof gardens,
the green shining vivid
in appreciation of being alive.
And I connect across the aeons,
this place was my home,
from centuries long passed,
yet reaching out to be found.
The avenues mimic my mind,
long straight and narrow,
broad and winding,
leading to sedate squares
to sit and feel the sun,
to bathe in beautiful isolation.
And the trees sway
casually in a breeze so soft,
it caresses the branches,
enough to tickle the leaves
and cool the ripening fruit.
Here, the forest erupts,
circles around this sanctuary,
forming a natural hedge
to this garden of tranquility,
this oasis in the maelstrom,
this home in my heart.
Flowers of honeysuckle,
jasmine, of clovers and lily,
adorn walls and buildings,
bright in contrast
to the shadows of the trees,
bloom with the intensity of colour,
riotous in hue and arrangement,
yet, ordered to Nature's Law.
Paradise wrapped in image,
slicing through time and space,
my place a thousand years ago,
my place to claim forever,
and the wind carries me home,
I know this place,
because it lives inside of me,
because I made it.

© Pagan Paul (06/06/18)
and yet
I need you
a leaf a flower the wind
bring me back to you
you appear
you rise in my mind

and yet
the sun has risen and set
the flowers have faded and blossomed
without our voices
could recognize themselves
without our eyes
could fascinate themselves
united in another place

and yet
you were there
you are there
you'll be there
our lines confused and indivisible
hopeless fight against myself
it is a perpetual magic
transposition of reality

and yet
I wait
I wait for you
in our secret garden
where only you can go in
just you have the key
I love you
nobody Feb 2016
This is our secret garden
Our place of growth
Where our secrets are hidden
Beneath heavy stones
This is the path of the chosen
It couldn't be changed
If it was any different
We wouldn't be the same

This one was writen for my siblings ♡
fairydust Jan 2015
°·○Part 1
I created a secret garden.... 
Around my heart.... 
No one will see the beauty.... 
I hide inside.... 
Not the beautiful roses.... 
Or the dancing lilies.... 
Not the tulips that kiss the sky....
Or the tantalizing orchids....
Not the smiling daisies....
Or the purity in the irises....
Built walls much too high.... 
For anyone to climb.... 
Guarded by a strong wood door.... 
A big metal lock.... 
Can't break down these walls.... 
I won't let anyone get near.... 
Prove to me your worth.... 
Show me your key.... 
Will it fit my lock....? 
We shall wait and see.... 

°·○Part 2
I tried your key it fit my lock....
But after taking a walk in my garden....
You walked away....
Leaving the doors open....
Taking your key....
Forgetting to lock it up again....
And now my flowers....
Are slowly wilting....
The roses no longer have their beauty....
The lilies lost their will to dance....
The tulips no longer kiss the sky....
The orchids have become repulsive....
The daisies no longer smile....
The irises have lost their innocence....
Do you even care....
That I opened the doors....
To these great big walls....
Opening my heart....
Opening myself up to you....
I trusted you....
December 3, 2013

— The End —