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keneth May 2019
ink swimming in circles
inclined in trusting your shore
perhaps a little dip won't hurt
devouring sand as it waves

your mind is suspended
a hanging cave beneath the clouds
let the deep touch you, at least
and i'll be willing to surrender

the rain has thousands of drops left
but the clock will run out soon
would you come down and reach
and satisfy these killer whales
the more i crave, the more i drown / addiction
Eric Babsy Sep 2018
You are my candy, so sweet.
I am lost without you; I can not compete.
When I am with you I feel complete.
This is the kind of loss I can not defeat.
When I lick the skin it tastes sumptuous.
Your lips are scrumptious.
Oh no what happened I miss you so much.
With all the moments we shared; I still long for your touch.
I want to skip the dinner and go right to desert.
Now that you have gone away I miss the way we flirt.
The way you hair smelled.
I must confess I fell under your spell.
You hurt me when our kingdom of love fell.
If you were here right now, I would kiss your lips and deeper into love I would have fell.
I am hooked on you and can not resist.
I need you again or will no longer exist.
Although you made your choice.
I must respect that; though I miss the sound of your voice.
I hope to love someone like you again.
Someone to take my love; everlasting until my peaceful end.
Do you realize what memories I perceive.
I will keep your picture and when I see it I feel relieved.
No, I am not telling this to deceive.
I just hope the peace between us has been released.
But I never want to feel as alone as I do now.
Your love will always stand tall in me, this I vow.
Margaret May 2014
I have eaten
raw cookie
that was in the freezer

and which
you were probably
saving for a party

Forgive me
it was scrumptious
so sweet
and so cold
Inspired by "This is Just To Say" By William Carlos Williams' Note poem about plums.

— The End —