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Allesha Eman Jun 8
I’ve been trying to leave in silence
Escape the ruthless routines
Take my belongings and run off in to the sky
Hide my fears and escape before sunrise
But every time I find myself half way there
The ground grips my feet and my eyes start to stare
And I find myself entranced by the wonders of the universe
For every time I run, I come back for another day
I try to leave in silence but I can’t seem to escape
every time I try, the stars block my way
And they always take me home, where my heart tends to stay
5 years later....❤️
Mary Smith Feb 2016
We each have pain
but, on different levels
all the same hell
but each a different devil
we see what we may, we see what we might
we might try our hardest but we can't see into the night
To ourselves we stay
Each of us may
but together we are one
all under the sun
together we will be undone
We go our fastest , away we run
but the next morning it will all be re-done

— The End —