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Sean Hunt Jan 2016
In the bowels
Of my being
The things I've seen!
From last night's dream.   I used to be a psychotherapist and I worked a lot with dreams.  I am still uncovering layers of new aspects of my conventional gross mind, and this is good.  Like going to the dentist it can be a little uncomfortable at times :)  
I absolutely love '10 word poems'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sean Hunt Jan 2016
It's about me
Not about you
Or what you do

Sean Hunt
Windermere Jan 16 2015
I used to be a psychotherapist.  What you see very quickly is that people are always looking externally for the source of their problems and the source of their happiness.  Wrong!  (Of course after years of deep confidence in the depths of my wisdom and experience, the last relationship I had proved that my knowledge was ALL intellectual :) )  When I visited by brother Tom Hunt in Toronto who is also a Psychotherapist (who sees his clients in his own home) he told me that he had put a small sign in the bathroom saying "It's All About Me".  Some clients thought perhaps he was a little self-preoccupied but if they asked about the sign they learned that the words indicated something completely different and very important.
Sean Hunt Nov 2015
I have been a therapist, and
I've been therapied
The brightest and the best
Have had a go at me

It hurt like hell, I tried to hide,
I wouldn't run away
The truth would out, for all to see,
All to see, but me

I learned to face my fear,
Be more honest, and more brave
I played a silly game
You see there was no face to save

We're mistaken and mislead
Down the twisted garden path
With the weather and the leather
To the bitter Grapes of Wrath

From the poisoned pedagogy
We recover one fine day
Our long suffering Tsunami  
Will finish like a play

Sean Hunt
(Sierra de Gredos mountains,  Spain...2015?)
.....a true 'story'
DaSH the Hopeful Oct 2015
I* remember the feeling of waking up for nothing
                   The empty, gray taste everything had
        How I'd stare off
Out windows
Or across streets

                              I remember walking to the river
           And the grass not bending beneath my feet
              The current wouldn't change nor stop for me
   And I imagined it would always be this.
               Having everything I had always wanted right in front of me and it not matter

            I remember being stuck in the rain and not getting wet

             Quietly accepting what was, and simultaneously not acknowledging what it meant.
        It was comfortable, but now *I
want control.
SøułSurvivør Jul 2015

Daddy's Little Girl
trying to **** mom
you **** her in yourself
all your hope is gone

Daddy's Little Girl
your sanity is going
you are oh so Freudian
and your slip is showing

Daddy's Little Girl
hopeless as can be
when will you stop
the self-destruct
the button

Electra was a character in Greek tragedy. She plotted with her brother to **** her mother and her new husband who killed Electra's blood father. The Electra complex is where a girl competes with her mother for her father's love. It can get very complicated

A little self analysis
Am I self destructive due to the
part of my makeup that reminds me
of my mom? We are SO much alike!

I've been reading Freudian psychology.  Interesting

I don't think I hate myself anymore
I am always reminded of God's love
for me... wbo am I not to love myself?


— The End —