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Raul M Murray Jul 2020
Established from the first glimpse
Your whisper as sweet as bliss
Sweet talk fulfilling your every wish
Expressing our motives of lust on the bus
Invite me in with emotional eyes is a plus
Candlelight dinner for two taste the sweetuss
Meal time over time for the bedroom canvas
Evening accomplished your love I put my trust
Pragmatic love
Lise Nastja Feb 2020
My whole life I had scoffed at boys gifting girls flowers
The expensive ones, the kind they saved up for
I thought it was incredibly immature to pay for pretty dead things
When the world is in the process of destruction
And the economy is constantly in inflation
It could’ve paid for a lot of things—
A nice meal or even AirPods

It was until I got a girl of my own
Smiling like she’s the sun
Walking around and tugging me along
I suddenly had the urge to get her a 50-dollar bouquet
Or those fancy ones in a box shipped from Dubai
Or a giant teddy bear—Yes!
A giant teddy bear to fill a corner of her room on top of her pile of trash

Suddenly she deserves pretty dead things
Hold onto them as they slowly wilt
I want her to walk around owning a piece of Earth
It could’ve been an animal or a plant
Shiny gems or a worm
But she deserves the brightest crop among the weeds
The purplest shade nature can make
The pinkest rose
The yellowest sunflower

I’m not even one to write a poem either
But somehow I now belong in the stupid group of hopeless romantics
plucking pretty things from Earth
Despite inflation and pragmatism
I guess it says a lot about us humans
Sentimental *****
"It is equally as important to know useless things as those deemed useful. . .for the ability to skip learning the futile, to show to others how, is as insightful and beneficial as knowledge is to be gained."
RH Fists Jul 2018
with the opportunity to fly,
heaven-bound with relentless cadence,
over unbound oceans of endless thought,
i still prefer to glance ashore from a shore,
Standing still with normative idealism,
bound to false securities of pragmatism,
and perpetually doomed to drown,
if ever setting foot in water.
It is in the righteous man's destiny to decided whether he is to become the sheep or the shepherd. How he kindles his ideas will determine his fate.

— The End —