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IncholPoem Jan 14
PARI  and  Peri

Pari  is  Peri.

Pari is  the  short name
          of Bollywood  actress.

Peri is  the

       beautiful     woman  of

        Persia   myth.

       Past  woman
            of London
not  looks  like  'PERI'  !

The  actress  of
Mumbai film  city
not  looks    like  'PERI.'        

Pari is not Peri.

OK......for  you  !
   for  me

Peri is  PARI   and
Pari  is   also  Peri   !!!
Neeloo Neelpari Oct 2018
You just asked
Do you know 'Pari'
the meaning Of
the most used
word by you?
My reply to you dear..
Wid my delicate
Manicured, shapely fingers
Entwined wid your bold
but the most caring ones
'The feeling of having
soeoone around all the time
It hardly matters whether
in reality or fantasy
in each other's arms or
in one's thoughts
the same person
Omnipresent for you
The care
The feeling
The closeness
The sensation
Of meeting at
the soul level
Is Love.......!!!!'

© Neeloo 'NeelPari'
**Pari (Indian word)  means Angel
**Neelpari(Indian word)  means Blue Angel
Ksjpari Aug 2017
Winter is a beautiful season.
Playing ice on land in London,
Enjoy without worry or reason
In Icy cold weather without sun.
Winter is a beautiful season.

Eating cherry, berry or bun
Gives us a lot of merry fun,
No use is there of shotgun
As there it is difficult to run.
Winter is a beautiful season.

I enjoy such months, Oh Mann!
Really joy comes to me in tonne;
With papa or mamma no unbun.
All enjoy – Pari or daughter or son.
Winter is a beautiful season.
I am developing a new style of writing poetry where ending words of a line rhyme with one another, at least in last sound. I named it Pari Style. Hope readers will like it. Thanks to those invisible hands and fingers which supported and inspired me to continue my efforts in my new, creative, artistic and innovative “Pari” style. Thanks for your inspiring, kind, soft fingers.
Äŧül Jan 2016
I'll make a career,
I'll make a living,
I'll make a life.

Then I'll have you closer,
I'll have you listening,
I'll have you as my wife.

If you're happy with someone else,
Then I'd just wish you much more,
Health, contentment & happiness.
My HP Poem #996
©Atul Kaushal
I dreamed of going to a ball once, all in red and gold--like Settareh from the old tales.

Only, I had no pari to help me.

My veil was secondhand, my gown plain, and my anklets of paste and plating instead of diamonds and gold.

But there was this boy, you see.

Not a prince, not the captain of a ship or a faerie lord, not a warrior, a healer or a mage...just a boy.

And I had the barest will-o’-the-wisp’s hope that he would dance with me.
I wanted to go to the Browncoat Ball this year...

— The End —