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Narges-Narcissus Jan 2016
Fragrance, Melody Music and song
A cup of wine, and pleasing the breeze

A kiss on the red petals and
To escrow to embrace wind

It's dancing, it's coming to you
Warm and wobbly
Full of my emotions

Flying and soft
Dreamy and drunk
Full of my meaning

Sits on your thirsty lips
Shells meaning ,   it's my kiss
Do you feel you feeling me?
A small piece to express the feelings of a lover who sees everything beautiful.
Y Rada Oct 2015
Oh Daughter of mine hear my plea,
Surpass our challenge through beauty.
Use the mind to be the game's mistress,
Heart be bothered not of any distress.

Acquire grace, charm and wiles to catch,
A certain man of power is truly your match.
If he be made of steel melt it with kiss,
If born out of war then grant him peace.

Gentle as feather strong as diamond,
Bring him to his knees with every summon.
Bestow him joy and fresh breath of life,
And ease his encumbrance and strife.

Receive the gifts of different pleasures,
Which he brings in his cove of treasure.
Swallow your embarrassment and pride,
In this life we must sail with the tide.

Heed not to Aphrodite's words of passion,
Be guarded from the love arrow's invasion.
Color red for victory but grounded by black,
Loneliness is payment yet your smile is intact.
Noel Aug 2014
Cryptic mist and elder toads
what hides within my forest roads?

Fairy cries and ancient streams
immortals prowl this mystic dream.

What you seek is what you'll find
but beware the lies of the goblin kind.

Paths mislead, thoughts askew
my maze of wonder consuming you.

Find your way to the tree of life
spill your blood with the crimson knife.

Invoke your wish, throw out your soul
self sacrifice for the spirits toll.

One with life, forever lore
my forest is your paramour.
Inspired by Fantasy art postcards!
Michael Amery Jul 2014
You speak of forbidden love
And relish in its passion,
Like a fat sow rolling in ****,
You cannot smell the stench,
Of your joined betrayal,
You couple with immorality.

Go home to your true partner,
Cast away your paramour,
There can be no happy ending here,
There is no love where there is no innocence,
I know as I once danced late into the hot nights to this very same song.

I could show you a skeleton path littered with the corpses of past lovers,
Empty shells of who they once were, skin shredded by snakes, leaving the stench of our distaste behind,
A litany of curious choices,
A dirge of the fallen's passion,
But you will not listen,

For your ears are deafened by the drums of need,
The screaming voice of your own conscience,
And the death rattle of your lost integrity.
Not a fan of cheating hearts, though I have played the cheater, paramour and cheated on roles many times., so not judging. Just advising against any such behaviour.

— The End —