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Mark Toney Apr 2020
we are frozen in time - stuck in the muck of the present

© 2020 by Mark Toney. All rights reserved.
4/18/2020 - Poetry form: Monoku - © 2020 by Mark Toney. All rights reserved.
Recently I tell myself
I'm putting this love on hold
It sounds easier than giving up
Or moving on from a love untold
It sounds indefinite yet not
I'm neither trapped or controlled
To stay or leave when parts of me
Are still divided to uphold
If in 10 years I still love you
Or forget this love I know
I hope to be content, in love
To wherever this heart may go
mark john junor Sep 2017
On hold, I'm on hold
if I may be so bold
I hate being on hold....
    feels like you are being so cold
    leaving me on hold....
On hold, I'm on hold
my beard has grown mold
while I'm on hold
    Sold my living soul
    to get off being on hold
Now I'm feeling bold
worth my weight in gold
poke you in the eye scold you for your lie
    Tale all told
    of me being on hold
    rhyme and reason rolled into your sneezing
    while I'm on hold
then my provider be dammed sixfold
cutting off my call in a stranglehold
On hold, I was on hold
goes beyond the threshold
lost my foothold
gotta callback to be
put on hold, on hold, on hold
Nicole Feekes Dec 2015
in a distant place
we lay on our sides face to face
in a green meadow wearing white
I can see us smiling eye to eye
our hair is longer, there is peace and ease
what use to be uneasy is now released
because it seems so impossible
right now this present time is too strange
maybe in a later day
as of now too much is deranged
much more too learn
my only choice is too delay
I can only hope I don’t miss that day
You make me feel like I’m doing okay
I want to know
I need to know
will you wait for me
I want time to find the words
I need time to calm my nerves
I know it’s you I want
you’ll find me bettering myself so you can see
there is a light like yours that can reflect in me
I’ll put my feeling on hold
let the answers be told
it’ll take a great deal of work
to get the what our future holds
we will unravel and unfold
until in a distant place
was lay on our sides face to face

— The End —