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Itzel Hdz Sep 2018
I could wear my burdens like a necklace or written all over my face, but You have given me something better
Cheyenne Sep 2016
You don't want me.
How could you?
You don't need me.
Why would you?
But you won't leave me
Like you should.

I want you.
To quit your fun with me--
I need you.
To be done with me--
I can't leave you.
So you need to run--
Candy Noire Aug 2014
My trail of thought left with the train in the distance
Do not disturb my blissful ignorance
Because it's a long way to jump from here
Adrenaline rushing through a tunnel of thoughts
As tangled as a tube map
I stand at the crossroads of my life
Mindlessly dodging traffic.
nichole r Jun 2014
life is an inevitable sadness ready to cascade around our shoulders and swallow us whole.

— The End —