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CAL Jan 2020
brightest star in the sky
prettiest eyes
and gentlest smile

tender hands
mild voice
exciting touch

hey northstar
you know i love you
and that i am barely dust

stardust and spacesmoke
you are the only thing in my sky
and i am just a lovestruck guy

my guiding light
wont you tell me wrong from right
and keep me safe in the apothic nights

in a galaxy as big as this
maybe more than dust, dust is
and that you, miss
northstar, can remember more than a bad kiss
words are hard but i found a title in my notes and wanted to try
Grey Dec 2019
Her hand pulls me toward her,
To the light brightening the darkness
Hidden beneath my eyes.

Under the soft glow of a full moon
We run across yellow fields
Of waving grass
And forgotten memories.

We lay on our backs
Gazing at the worlds above us
Craving their darkness
Almost as much
As each other’s light.
Chelsea Doyal Dec 2015
I am not the Sun
or the Moon,
but rather the North Star
that offers a glimpse of light when the sky is dark.
Long enough
until the Sun comes back around
for a bright, new day.
My heartbeat pulses
like the north star
in my lower lip: I am, I am, I am.

My hair is humid; it curls like

I toss Petoskey stones back
to Lake Michigan
where they’ll be safe from
souvenir shops,

at least until they
land on shore again.

I suppose dreams are like that,

washing up again and again
on our eyes shoreline.

— The End —