Shivam S Nov 2017
She gave me hope
of a love she never felt,
She snatched it again,
And again & again.

We would tell each other
Our dreams of us,
In which she was mine
And I was hers.

Now we don't talk much,
It may seem.
But after all
She was just a dream.
Shivam S Nov 2017
To let go is beautiful
To let go is to change,
Come this fall
when trees shed their leaves
Letting go of a season,
waiting for a new spring
and their flowers to blossom.
Shivam S Nov 2017
All of us change. Time is not moving but we are, measuring this stillnes within our petty clocks only helps us count our days until that final second strikes. I prefer to remain firm but humble passing away into this silent space. Revolving and rotating, Changing my seasons, Witnessing Death & Sadness, Feeling Happiness & Love. Living this single second of the infinite time which engulfs us, I keep breathing.
Just a random thought brought to writing this morning.
Shivam S Aug 2017
Dearest Father,
I know you are sad
For i am the son
No one would really have.
Still you love me
And gods know its true
For no one would do
As much as you
Have done for me
My dearest father.

I remember
the story of a poet
Who died hungry,
And how only a few
Acclaim fame in this virtue,
He did not die angry Father
As many people do.
As many people do.

I know not Father,
Of what would become of me.
Literature has bit me
and set my mind free.
Of all things uncertain in this world
Poetry is the purest of love,
For it makes me write about you
My dearest Father,
The only man I love.
The only man I love.
Shivam S Aug 2017
I miss her tonight
but then I realize
that we share the same sky.
I miss how her eyes
glittered that night we met
as the stars do,
And oh the way
She looked at me
I remember my heart
fleeting, sinking, beating
under her lovely starlights.

I don't sleep at nights
and wonder if I am
awake in her dreams
of us wandering across
our moonlit sky
and how our silhouettes
against the moon
for once eclipses
the majesty of the space
and it's infinite starlights.

I miss her every night
looking at our sky
dreaming of my starlight.
For A
Shivam S Aug 2017
Trees are singing today
as we do
when feelings stir our souls
and now the winds
stir them too,
as they flow by
brushing each leaf
with a tender touch,
and to see and listen
how they rustle in joy
my heart whispers in
a constant susurrus
of all things serene
and beautiful.
Shivam S Jul 2017
I wonder if you know
of the catheter that
pierces my vein,
and of the mask
which helps me breathe,
All those endless nights
Wincing in pain.

I wish i could tell you
of how my blood
spluttered when they
pulled out the needle,
but nothing compares to
the pain of how i could
not tell you these things
for you have gone
so far away,
for you have gone
so far away.

It hurts more than
the catheter in my vein.
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