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  Dec 2019 KR
I am dancing
with your demons,
and you're dancing
with mine.
And for a moment,  
we forgot we're in hell.
We're not living, we're just killing time.
KR Nov 2019
Luz es mi vida
Mi amor
The stars weep in comparison to your soul
Every memory is a bible and your mind the dictionary by which they are written
Patience is the virtue of your love
Unwavering courage in the sunflower bloom
Para Siempre
For AM
KR Oct 2019
I see all the colors of the rainbow in you
Red cheeks
Orange Glow
Yellow Hue
Green Collar
Blue Waters
Indigo Aura
Violet Life
The most beautiful color breaks patterns and lines
The brown of your eyes
  Oct 2019 KR
Yue Wang Yidhna
A Love Letter to Lost Tattered Souls


Why do I so desperately desire recognition
When I know full well glory is beyond time
Even hither
Praises too early gained would
Place one above all in the midst
Of the wheel of fate
Soon or later with only room to fall
And be crushed by the
Cruel reality
Of eventual and inevitable

Unlike a life ever on the climb
Or of a timely return to the everlasting
That will be never be subjected to
The suffocating dread
Of such a loss
Of height

The roaring gale would always lose to
The ever-present calm wind
Vital yet unnoticed like the breath of being



Why do I despair when my words
Don't glitter like gold
That would make wise men
Lament in fist-raising envy
And mock the children that
Don't understand them

When I know the truth are
In words that would move children
To tears of laughter
And laughter of comfort
As per The Word
That is equally
Ridicule by men
Of ashes and dust-
That will never understand-
Or remain upon-
This world-
As something beneath them-

Like the earth that supports
All living creatures
And the humble grass for lambs
To graze

Be the needed
Not the desired
But unnecessary



Why would I feel shame to wail in despair
Beyond my control for a word of your love
What is love, without patience in suffering,
What is suffering without pain?
And what is pain without complaint?
There are truth and devotion in my lament
A testament of my bearing the constant silence
Yet still singing devotedly forever
For the suffering Nevermore

Love fearlessly your overlooked
Plain imperfections
And unbloomed seeds of poetry
Burrowed in the present land of a future
Undying forest
Far outlasting the abandoned and
Overgrown gardens of timely praises
That's now lost in maintenance
And translation

As with the minute storms
And only half-day suns
You don't want to plant your love
In bricks of spotless silver and gold
Nor do you want to bury them
In scorched earth
That have never greeted a
Raindrop or the
The third part of this poem is from the notes of my last poem:
A Love Letter to Lost Tattered Souls
By: Yue Xing Yidhna ****
Saturday, October 5, 2019 2:09AM
KR Oct 2019
The coins jingle on the way down
One hits a rib
And then a spine
The crushing sound of a broken hand
You can not get to the top without knocking others of the ladder
The bottomeless pit that can never be filled
If we did not care, would such a thing become meaningless
You will bleed for a piece of paper that we have all decided is worth something
But you will not bleed for another soul
The familar faces greet you with their stone cold stare
You can not live without work, you cannot work without life
The register sounds, but what side are you on?
Why do we give so much value and worth to something so fickle? We could all wake up tomorrow and decide that it meant nothing, and you know what? It wouldn't.
KR Sep 2019
I contradict the universe
I live in an upside down
Surrounded by the fog of a hot breath
Black is the day when it rains on the mountain
The Fog lifts and death lies on my back
lonesome and rightside
Are you happy now?
KR Sep 2019
I sit cattycornered from the nightmare
A bright light shifts into my eyes
A hope for others because a trick
I am blinded by my own misconceptions
A heart flutters to the sound of footsteps
A head hurts to the shatter of glass
I stand in the still of a night
A break for unrest
A run for the weary
I lay down on the bed of man
Search for the Sublime
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