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Ruheen Apr 2019
I could cry an ocean over everything
But I'd just be drowning myself

I see a lifeboat in the distance
But I'm too scared
To reach out for it

People have such high
Ones I can't live up to
I can't even face them
It's always too soon

I could sail away
And save me

Let them all down

They wouldn't care
But I would care

It's the tiniest lifeboat
But it could do so much

It's only a lifeboat
Don't know where it'll go
All that I know
Is that I'll be happy
But I can't do that
I can't be happy

I see a lifeboat in the distance
It could save me
But I won't reach for it

It gets farther and farther away
And I just get pulled deeper and deeper in

I see a lifeboat in the distance
But it's too late
I've made my decision
My way out, but I can't take it. And no. It's not death.
Nyx Apr 2019
I float in a boat
In a raging black ocean
Low in the water
With no where to go
The tiniest lifeboat
With people I know

Cold, clammy, and crowded
The people smell desperate
We'll sink any minute
So someone must go
The tiniest lifeboat
With the people I know

Everyone's pushing
Everyone's fighting
Storms are approaching
There's nowhere to hide
If I say the wrong thing
Or I wear the wrong outfit
They'll throw me right over the side
OpenWorldView Mar 2019
Buried below pillows
I sail from darkness
towards bright stars
rising behind weeping eyes.
My room. My bed. My sound. My sorrow.
Jolan Lade Mar 2018
You are the captain of my lifeboat.
You are what keeps me afloat.
Even if im William Bligh, you will raise me high.
That one friend you really need.
J B Moore Jun 2016
I put you on a lifeboat and watched you sail safely through,
As I drowned in the ice cold waters thinking about you.

I've struggled and faught to keep my head afloat
In hopes that you'll come back for me in your little lifeboat.

We did our best to avoid the iceberg, or so I like to think
But being the Titanic we were doomed, bound to sink.
And we broke so quickly, like it was out of the blue.
Turns out love isn't a strong enough glue.

So here I swim in the freezing sea of sorrow
Hoping to find warmth in a better tomorrow.

I can try to pretend, pretend that I'm not sinking,
But all the while I can't stop myself from thinking.

Thinking that if I can just stay afloat for a while
You'll come sailing by in your little lifeboat with a smile.

But you won't come, you've already reached dry land.
So I struggle for my life, for anyone to lend their hand.

I can only hope that hand comes before I freeze.
Oh Lord, send me my own little lifeboat, please.


— The End —