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Eajie Aug 1
My worst fear is to
Write for someone else
Write to get liked
Write to get noticed
Because it's the only
The only forte where I don't care about what others think
Where I like
What I like
I validate myself
Criticise myself
And just be me.

Im scared about comparing and competing over this
Maybe thats why I'd rather prefer to keep my words to just me.

And maybe if I feel
I'll show you me through my words
When I feel like it.
When I feel like those are the words you need to hear.
Poetry is something I write to calm my own mind, I'll just keep them to myself unless I feel the necessity to share. :')
Heavy Hearted Jun 2019
Seeing Simple Sacred Scenes,

and then staring at those

Special someones

Silently and Solemnly-

I hold tightly onto that sight.

*That vision of those three old friends,

at the end of that ally,

Waiting. In the soft June rain


just waiting for me to reach them.

for their friend.
Genuine friendship is warmer than gold- when we were young and now that we're old
amuba Oct 2018
Wake up and breath deeper!
Stand up and raise my head higher!
Grateful and rekindle the fire!
Remember my roots and work harder!
Love and Live for yourself and everything follows.
Ilunga Mutombo Sep 2017
My mornings got brighter
My smile stays a little longer
My heart beats faster
My nights got sweeter
My thoughts go deeper
My soul feels blessed to know that you are
my lover

— The End —