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Arke Dec 2018
our love was a movie-worthy romance
poorly written, fake, and over in two hours
Amanda Nov 2018
Want to get drunk on apple cider
Fall into the haze of apple scent
Want to dance the two step
Until my legs are spent
Want to forget my name
As I am carried to my bed
Left to sleep in a spinning cycle
That revolves around my head
Then the morning breaks
Hits my brain with a sonic boom
And splinters pierce my eyes
As the sun cracks into the room
Birds scream out full throttle
And my eye twitches with each tweet
Want to run to the window screaming
But can’t seem to feel my feet
Ten minutes later I have moved
A foot away from the bed
I know what must be done
To cure this hanging head
Get drunk on apple cider
Fall into the haze of apple scent
Then dance the two step
Until my legs are spent
Arke Aug 2018
you want to watch me flourish
you nourish my soul
around you, I bloom
and all my colours show
so let's take it slow tonight
I want your bites and bruises
tender plights and kisses
aching for your pain
teeth trail veins, craving you
we'll leave the world behind
Amanda Mar 2018
My cat can juggle
It’s something he learnt when young
Three ***** he can throw
Though he has tried and tried
He can’t quite manage four

He puts on shows at the old folks home
They cry and cheer and can’t believe
A ginger tom can be so adapt
At juggling three ***** on his back

A circus tried to buy him
But I couldn’t part, not for any amount
He doesn’t do it for money
But for the tin of tuna he is given each night.

My cat can juggle
But what he does best
Is something just for me
At the end of each day he can sing
A purring lullaby, sitting on my knee.
Cné Mar 2017
skimming the feed of poetry
reading the works of poets
liking here and there
without ever a care
some of us rather copiously
we all have our favorites
but the poem is just the beginning
of the start with a spark

if you never look at the activity
you are missing the best part
it's the jam that turns me on
in comments short or long
continuing the song

so don't be offended
of the flame that's ignited
its all rather splendid
to fire the wordplay excited
it's not really a contest
but more of a sinuous ebb and flow
hoping for a laugh or looking to decompress
when you have a day that blows
all of you at hp inspire me
I should not be so easily read
A book by its cover, judge dredd
An enigma works for me
A minority report of my soul to be
All bets I aim to hedge
Yet a blade runner on knife's edge
With total recall I can see
The true nature of my history
So lay waste to my bones
I tire of playing this game of thrones
For I like the walking dead
Should not be so easily read...
Ako sa
Gumaganap na
Alam ang tama.

In english as a more accurate translation...
Since I actually **** more in my native language....

I am
Definitely against the
Information given by
Oppressing and assuming
Total majority

So yeah, just so you know
Anything is correct, probably, possibly.
Just for fun, imagine someone calls you an idiot for being yourself
tl b Aug 2016
they tell our futures
if we believe they do.

Summer, you do not have to be a fleeting lover.

they tell our futures
what we want them to.

You do not have to be a fleeting lover.

Dreaming is important
in and out of the sheets;
inhale the sea
and bring it back to me.
Please, don't go,
but if you do,
breathe me in and
take me too.
A collab. of 3 of some recent pieces:

1. Dreams (10w x 2)
2. Drifting.
3. Don't go (10w)
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