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hybridstorm May 2020
Everybody has a bundle.
Some a bundle of joy,
some a bundle of dark,
some a bundle of confusion.
Suddenly I realize,
I am not clutching anything.

I look around desperately,
trying to recover what was
apparently somehow lost in the flow.
I find nothing,
other than broken twigs,
and dry roses.

As I continue my search,
I bump into someone.
My heart leapt with surprise,
as it was a touch so cold.
Surprised were the group too,
they criticized me,
as being warm was something odd,
to them.
On defense for their kin,
one of them pushed me aside,
and yet again,
I stood astounded at the sheer coldness
of the touch I received.

I then realized that I had set out,
for a job so important,
but had gotten distracted,
by chaos so trivial.
I try to put my foot forward to move,
but I cannot.
I watched shocked as the seemingly pretty angels
around me vigorously evolve
into vile creatures.
They begin to crack, crumble and then
disappear and leave behind their bundles.

eager to get hold of the bundles,
thinking all is solved,
try to leap at the bundles,
but stay frozen as I look at my
scintillating self.
I look absolutely stunning.

I leave the bundles as they showed me
their true form of
cursed spirits.
I rise up and go,
not knowing where or why,
I have no one truly,
except for the light in me,
and the power slowly but surely raising me up.

I see war approaching,
I realize that the demons are still thriving,
I feel the poison of the air entering
my head  in sinuous ways,
and yet,
I smile with pride,
for I found my bundle,
right inside my chest.
STOP WITH THE FEAR! STOP WITH THE RELENTLESS WORRY AND SELF-HATE! Realize the dazzling flame of yours. Do not be afraid of being different. Be you with content.
Riley Grace May 2020
You broke my heart
It’s hard to fix gold
But in the end, it’s still worth the same
The Vault Apr 2019
This face is natural
And it may look mean
I look like a *****
Who eats nails daily

But I am actually sweet
With a heart of gold
Just talk to me

But be prepared
Because if you break my heart
I will tear you apart.
Because this ***** Face can be a *****
Trenton Idom Apr 2015
My heart is full of love
And my eyes see only you
I wish only you could see from my point of view
For the beauty that rests outside your skin is nothing like within
And even on the saddest days you still make me grin
For your soul is like a garden and you blossom everyday
And even in my darkest times you help me find the way
And everything you gaze upon suddenly comes to life
And one day I'll give you a golden band and pronounce you as my wife
Cause I want nothing more than to spend my days growing old with you this is all about how I feel and I hope you feel it too.

— The End —