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Riley Grace Aug 2020
You lay in bare ground,
Covered in battle scars.
I can’t believe I was the one who survived.
You drove me insane,
But you’re the one laying in the dirt.

I know I couldn’t have done anything.
You gave up on me as you did life,
But one of those wasn’t worth giving up.
feedback, please.
Riley Grace May 2020
After you
I don't want to open up anymore.
I told you everything
Because I could
You seem like the only one to stay

You knew me the most
But yet you did the worst thing
You could do to me.
Riley Grace May 2020
I think god is playing a cruel joke on me
He put you back in my dreams
And made me realize how much I miss your voice
What a sick ****
Riley Grace May 2020
Can you just tell me everything
Clear up all my questions
Condense it for me so I can
Chug the pill easily or
Come over and let me
Cry on your shoulder
Riley Grace May 2020
You broke my heart
It’s hard to fix gold
But in the end, it’s still worth the same
Riley Grace Apr 2020
If the snake bit me
Would you please mourn me too, or
look back, and forget?
If I hear church bells
But yet I can’t see the bells
Can you hear them too?
If I gave you food
Yet it was laced with poison
Would you eat with me?
If you love me so
Why did you marry the ground
When my hand was open?

— The End —