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Mar 2022
I want to know
When it flutters
I want to know
If its pure, light like feathers
But i seem to loose the meaning
I cant catch the concept
Why cant i know
Seems i only know how i wept

My heart feels as if its stone
Petrifying my bones
Corrupting my thoughts and zone
Why do i only know how it feels to be alone
It feels forever noon
Wishing this rain will end soon

Oh i know, i know
You seem to see how i feel
Your mouth says forget and we can go
I act with but in my mind can you be real
Could you be real and say you dont understand
So i dont fly with false hopes
Just to end as i crash land
Why didnt i prepare some safety ropes

I feel guliable
I seem unreliable
By my fire unseizeable
Because its Dying Flames
That always holds my shames
I wish my mind wasnt playing games

I know it holds horrid pain
But i want to hear the truth
I know its not fair in your brain
But only if i could hear your heart

My Heart cant take lies
I cant take words that only dies
Then will it fall from the skies
Wait for a collapse as i slowly close my eyes

Listening to it break
As My Heart
Slowly shakes and quakes
Quitly tearing apart.
William Lynn Sanders
Written by
William Lynn Sanders  21/M/Joplin, MO
(21/M/Joplin, MO)   
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