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Jan 2021
Dear Reader,

If you're still reading
this isn't poetry
must I tell you this
nor it is highly literary,
these thoughts
that I'm trying
to put into words
are born from crying
for the past hour
so **** silently
that no one could hear
how I suffer violently.
The point of this is
to tell you that
if any of you has
ever had:-
a starved stomach,
a broken heart,
an empty pocket,
a rough start,
a cheating spouse,
a failed attempt,
an abusive marriage,
a parent with contempt,
a chronic disease,
a severe accident,
a temper so short,
a frightening incident,
a bully so bad,
an addiction so strong,
a grief so shattering,
a relationship gone wrong,
a house too expensive,
a child you lost,
an unfulfilled dream,
an untrodden path of Frost,
a scar so ugly,
a few extra pounds,
a body too skinny,
a loved one inside the ground,
or anything/anyone that hurt you
putting you under depression's spell
I tell you,
that you've survived your own hell
so this makes you a hero
even if you're at level zero,
if you've got no one's care
I tell you, you're extremely rare.

Thanks For Reading.
I wrote this because I wanted someone to say this to me when I'd been crying, no one I thought- why wait for someone else when I've got myself?
Written by
         ---, Landon Keys, Prevost, 42, Thomas W Case and 6 others
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