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Mar 2021
Sometimes I wish
I wasn't this strong,
allowed myself to
do something wrong,
could be whoever
could do whatever-
my heart thought
my brain sought,
but here I sit
with nothing
with nobody
line by line
writing down this tragedy.

Sometimes I wish
I could roam around
free, liberated and unbound,
be a little crazy
do some stupid stuff
say some badass things
call society's bluff,
but here I sit
with hidden handcuffs
that make me
someone far from me.

Sometimes I wish
on days like this
if I could
let loose a little
fall for a guy
fly to the sky
get a little high,
but I know I can't
I wasn't brought up this way
I wasn't allowed to say-
all these things aloud and clear,
my life's dictated by fears
that wet my pillow with tears
turning my eyes red
a rebellion stirring in my head,
I wish I could
I know I should
I can't skid
for I am just
a closed eyelid.
Palpebra means 'eyelid' in Latin. It's my pseudonym. My real name means the same. I'm writing this one for myself. Why? Well, I need to unmask and be unfiltered somewhere, do I?
Written by
   ---, ap, --- and Benzene
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