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Apr 2015
(oh please, please **** this
take this life, I don't need it
I don't know, what reality is
because I cant see through all of this)

{digital heaven, electron clouds
negative zero, screaming out loud
digital angels, burning in hell
downloading demons, no soul to sell}

(it is time, time for change
it is time, for better things
to get away, to the other side
to fall asleep, and open your third eye)

{getting away now, ascend into blue
digital cancer, the way out is through
through my digital heaven, electron clouds
negative zero, screaming out loud}

(that was once, was once me
it was once, was once us
what we've become, something processed
feeling so numb, take my last breath)

{getting away now, ascend into red
digital healing, waking the dead
getting away now to the other side
breathing in slowly, spun out of my mind}
(Leal) {Noel} ()=Leal {}=Noel
Leal Knowone
Written by
Leal Knowone  Nazareth Hell
(Nazareth Hell)   
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