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"Cut my shadow from me. Free me from the torment[...] Why was I born among mirrors? The daylight revolves around me. And the night herself ...


Saumya Sep 2020
To the freebird that wants to fly,
Let her fly.
To the freebird that yearns to soar high,
Let her heart forever pump delight,
To the freebird that aims high,
Let her sobs reach no height,
To the freebird that often asks 'why?'
Let her world be full of soothing surprise,
To the freebird that always simplifies,
Never, never, doubt her why's.
To the freebird, that will never be your type,
Know, perceive that she's unique,
and the best of her type!
To the freebird, who's only need is her flight,
Her fluttering feathers, her skies,
Don't limit, don't judge,
Don't argue, and do not deprive,
Just let her fly
High and high
High and high
To the infinite,
Unending heights. that's what will only set you both alright!

Freebird=The Woman/Girl child who wants to do a lot more than what people can never  think  of se can't.A soul who has the potential to do a lot, and deserves so much!  but the people deprive her of it often

Please go through the entire poem and let me know how was it to you.All comments, feedbacks etc. Are most welcome 😊
(P.s-Also, let me know a better titile for this poem, if any pops up in your mind)

Happy Writing!✨
Christian Ek  Sep 2014
Christian Ek Sep 2014
So numb I feel like chewed up gum.
Turning into the black blown out smoke from my lungs. Reduced life span, who knows when it could be done. So how much do you value life ? Will you leave the city's cage and go on the run, chasing the sunset, drunk of ***, in search of love. Some choose money as the total sum of success. It is too easy of a hunt. I'm embarking on an expedition to uncover the mystery of total freedom. To put it bluntly, I will never slow down like a slug. You can't hold me down until I've found my treasure hidden somewhere on this globe. One day i'll disappear and become unknown. Because birds leave the nest and my turn is next.