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John R Pettigrew Aug 2016
Always have I felt alone like I did not quite fit in
But I struggled and strived even when the world around me seemed dark and dim
Always I have I felt empty like part of me was missing
Like the home I knew I was destined for my spirit has never given in
The perfect balance to finally be complete
A connection above all else to sweep you off your feet
A burning desire to hold you close to me
Along with the satisfaction that we were always meant to be
The search goes on I will never stop till I am done
But at least I know within my soul that you exist and one day we will be one
This loving connection and in my heart you will always remain
To hold you through the good times but also be there to kiss away your pain
In our home together we will simply shut out the obscene
For the love that we shall share shall be decent pure and clean
much time together from the start
the magic shared has vanished
I know you gave me many chances
but the dance i pranced has barely managed
I've grown apart while we lay together
I feel closer to you when we're at far
perhaps because I get to miss you
within a day or two, I really do

I believed that you were my soul-mate
I stopped spitting game and spoke the truth
it's not that i lost compassion
nor that I stopped aim to impress you
I settled down very soon
and I know it's not for you
I want to set you free
like a flower
watch you bloom

there is feeling in my mind
that what if you love me true
I can do to my self self-respect
and chase a dream or two
i shan't believe all in my head
when it fills with many fears
*I only must begin to trust
and have faith within my dearest
The day after I wrote this, without her have seen the poem, she told me that she met someone else and I thank her and now I can move on.

— The End —