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Early to bed late to rise
was the man behind in times.
He always slept but he always woke
he was rested well and woken slow.
Early to bed late to rise with heavy eyes heavy like lead.
Early to bed and late to rise, his life was led and then he died.
using writers promt early to bed late to rise
The longer we do what we don't like,
the more difficult it is to become who we want to be.
The moment we choose to do what we feel is right
is the moment to explain to those who are blind to see.
If we are critical of others
we expect that's how we're seen;
to allow others to make mistakes
is to allow ourselves to succeed.
William J. Crowell
April 13, 2012
I am grateful for the paths that have been wrote onto pages, I am aware of my ignorance to my pre-generations
I am in tune with reality though I seek to change it
I am in control of my own and bleed out ink to the nation
I respect myself first and all others past
I seek to understand first, I seek peace alas
I choose not to fear egos of man on this plane
For that Is no script of redemption from pain
William J. Crowell
April 28, 2012
It's okay to love. Life is real, life is made up of little things, like touch and feel
Its okay to smile, It's okay to relax
It's okay to look back at the past and laugh
It's great to be free, its great to feel loved
It's great to feel peace in the form of a hug
(june 11th 2012)
I just cut a coconut in half
or rather took a hammer for it to smash
I hit it from my hand
it's juices fell into the pan
and it tasted like a nut, well fancy that
of course i love myself more than my love for you but i don't love you any less you're so finesse don't get confused

when our bodies brush and glide together i get a rush
because your body's so electric that i pulsate upon touch

it feels electric when i got
you through my mind
you're there in my memory
like an eternal summer time
it feels electric when
I receive your call or text
you remind me
of summer's
eternal ******
time moves so quickly
you know I'm just sitting back and taking it all in
how much that has changed
everything that has happened
the battles that I've overcome
the lives that I've crossed paths with
the emotions that I've experienced
the memories that I've remembered

and to this present place in time
I can see everything in my past
and I know that much is not my present

I am having trouble seeing how much time has actually changed things

one hundred years from now what will they remember
will you or I be remembered

50 years from now will you or I even remember each other

25 years from now will I have young adult children

10 years from now will I be self satisfied and reach all of my ambitions

5 years from now will I still have contact with my current friends

2 years from now will it feel like only yesterday

1 year from now I imagine it to be foggy and uncertain and an uphill journey.  

**how are my current thoughts affecting my feelings?
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