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clouds were formed
from dying candles
lit by earnest souls.
Eventually, everyone will depart their flesh
for they have reached the end of their race.
While some try to delay their rest,
others cut the thread themselves.

Life is just a phase,
everyone shall return to the mist,
all the memories will sink into the abyss,
and the world will again be an empty slate.
You have a circle
where everything
is closed around
while I have a line
that has no size,
no width,
no length,
no depth,
and no one.

I woke up at 4 a.m. freezing.
I thought I left the windows opened, but it wasn't.
Crawled back to bed, knees drawn to chest.
Grabbed my blanket while
thinking to myself, "God, I miss him."

that are
in a
b l i n k,
b r e a k.*

leaving me,
is me
finding myself -
at last, free!

There was
he and I,
he and she.

Though now
he is with her,
I am still stuck
in the middle of
how did we end?*

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