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Kaze Poitier Jun 2018
Ice upon bare skin
Limbs bond by silk sashes
Helpless and unable to breathe
The pressure of the air caused by your very demons are like weight upon your breast.
As skin touches skin
As the atmosphere becomes gradually more tense as the two of them merge
As the heat of your body is disturbed by my cold touch as well as fragments of ice that navigate you as ships do the sea
Aimlessly wondering in places they should not go
Then your body truly begins to mirror the ocean.
The once conservative flower which oozed nectar has become a waterfall
Overflowing, nonstop
Your eyes that were once filled with curiosity, excitement and innocence are now the very embodiment of intimacy, they are indulgent and filled with lust
A mind that races
A body that spasms uncontrollably
A voice that beckons because the soul is overwhelmed by such sensations
Is the sweetest music that echoes within an empty room
Haylin Jun 2018
Our first kiss
Gave me an everlasting bliss.
The night your lips met mine
Made everything feel so right.
It was if the whole world stopped
And all my worries just dropped.
The way your lips felt on mine
So gentle and so kind.
I can't forget how your lips taste
And the way your hands cupped my face.
Or how you ran your fingers through my hair
And how much you told me you care.
The feeling I get when I feel your kiss
Is a feeling I never want to miss.
zebra Jun 2017
she loved thunder storms most of all
the crackle of white hot bolts ripping through the sky
the sheer immensity of power
she always thought it was him
her beloved God
big boy
with his flowing blond hair
blue aquatic eyes
washboard stomach
and delicately curved *****
finally a man good enough for her
even if he was fly by night

when the heavens thickened gray
like soggy cotton
she could feel atmospheres shift
it made her ******* pert
her mouth would salivate
like a lurid peach
her ***** swelled and dampened
tears of adoration and enchantment
filled her eyes

no longer able to contain her self
she would strip naked
fling off her *******
and run out to the lush verdant meadows
calling at the top of her lungs
yoooooooooo hooooooooooo

as the cool rain descended
she ran thrilled to the mud between her toes
seeing great claws of white lightening  echo
through the sky

without hesitation
she fell to the cool earth beneath her
wallowing in the delicious sloshing ooze
positioning her self on all fours
head thrown back
*** up high
calling to the heavens
come on, come on big boy
ive been waiting for you
let me have it good
her clitoral lips
drooled with anticipation
her ******
a pulsating aching

the sky rumbled
with stretching streaks of fire
like a great freight train
spanning infinity
while the earth shook like a
hollow moon
she swayed her hips
rhythmically to and fro
whispering a love song

oh sir
i need a man like you
wont you love me
adorations true

i kneel before
my sweet Lord Thor
where's that hammer
come on and score

you are so big
and im so little
how about it God
just a tickle

hit it now
give it to me good
kisses baby
like only you could

tears of desire cascaded
down her pink cheeks
as she recited her love mantra
her mouth naked wet

a great bolt of lightening
shot down from heavens throne
entering her ******
splitting her in flames
her head turned dark mahogany
sent careening fifty yards
leaving her mouth
a yawning twisted smudge
of fossilized obsidian
with eyes
blackened flaring hollows

her tender pink ****
a charred flower
like a
zebra Feb 2017
she said im a *****
he said im a bard
its a ****** up fairy tale
that might get you hard

whats with all the metaphorical indiscretions she chided
i don't know he quipped
but metaphors deary
gets me excited

what do they mean
who the hell knows
you can read them forever
and cant afford clothes

a poem a day
sometimes two
i cant buy a house
or even a shoe

whats for dinner
a big words stew
its a low calorie meal
it will have to do

whats in it she said
some nouns and some verbs
could use some lettuce
and maybe some herbs

what the hell
go get a job
i would of course
but i am a snob

besides i could never write
in a complete line
with proper punctuations
like Gertrude Stein
zebra Dec 2016
have you met my friend gadget
she really is a pill
when it comes ****
she gives a hella thrill

loves it hard in the mouth
gets it from demon boy
he loves it when she ***** and licks
she is his toy and joy

she has her own electric chair
loves a glass of wine
turns it on and fries her self
does it all the time

shuck me like an oyster daddy
she would beg and plead
i really need it now
please make me cry and  bleed

she collects multi colored vibrators
and keeps them under glass
she saves the biggest one
for her little ***

has tubes and lubes
and a gothic torture chamber
cuffs,muffs and toxic drinks
but nothing seems to faze her

— The End —