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Jordan Hudson Nov 2019
My mind free and the problem is now medical
Bye my friend I am leaving so it logical
Staring at the wall on the floor I fall
Seize out rapid flows I give it my all
Flow to the floor my soul is tore
Right out it's bright out
Lights out it's night now
I need a towel to dry up my tears
I hear things and then see things I don't know
What that mean I don't know
I am growing and they are showing
I still don't get it please understand
Not stupid it just makes no sense
I used to do better where that went
Texts that you sent make no sense
I know what I know and what you know
But we both don't know nothing
We know corruption and money
Cash and cars gold and our fears
Of not making it but it's right here
But we are lazy and sit and care but we don't
Don't act like you do cause you won't
You won't make it there
Stay at your place it's fair
Hold on, lemme get some air
Communism is your thing
This schism will make me
I am up here and you down there
Your choice your voice won't be heard
I know it hurts but I am sure
You smarter than a bird
But you talk slang and you slurred
Make a change and then your turn
Do something duur
My mind free and the problem is now medical
Bye my friend I am leaving so it logical
Staring at the wall on the floor I fall
Seize out rapid flows I give it my all
Flow to the floor my soul is tore
Right out it's bright out
Lights out it's night now
I need a towel to dry up my tears
Mr Passerby Feb 2018
Oh look! a life blossoming,
How creative mother nature craft its offsprings
A delicate a wonderful creature was born
And any harm to it will leave us all torn

Oh look! a life growing,
How a child grows and learn through falling
We all wish it the best
And hope life don't contest

Oh look! a life evolving,
It's growing, thinking and changing
It's going to grow up great
And change the world with its mates

Oh look! A tragedy happening
Its stuck, dying and not moving
We know it can get through this
And continue to live in bliss

Oh look! He is still not moving,
Its a sign that we should be helping
We think it's strong enough to push through
And push on without rescue

Oh look! A life ending,
And we are all watching
It's didn't live up to our desire
So we live it to burn in its fire

Oh look!
It's dead,
We're so surprised
We're so distressed
It didn't live its life as it should
We're all sad
Sitting here watching this lad
Wondering where we went wrong
Mr Passerby Feb 2018
I set out to live,
A happy life.
And I’ve always strived,
To be my best.
Until I’m told that I’m some trash,
Over and over ‘till my soul turned to ash.

I soon believed this with all my heart,
Pretended to be happy became an art.
What goes up in the sky must come down,
And my cold body was found at the break of dawn.

What caused this? One would ask.
But would never know for I wore a mask.
They never noticed how I struggled,
And always questioned what’s the trouble.
What made me happy, I do not know,
For I cannot see beyond this hole.

And others never acknowledged,
My worth and further,
Until I saw death, as my only savior.

While I was alive, I prayed and prayed,
That I could one day I could live my way,
That I could do something just for me,
And not fit the mold others wanted me to be.

Constant pressure, surrounded me,
Drowned me until I cannot breathe.
Then came a light and broke the water,
Then it gave me a brilliant offer.

My life in exchange for eternal happiness,
And I don’t have to deal with the constant sadness.
I can’t believe something so great,
And quickly ask him to take my life away.

My little death never bothered others,
For I am not enough to deserve that honor.
And here you are reading this “poem”,
Probably feeling sad or solemn.

But the thing is, that’s all you can do,
For it was people like you who didn’t make a move.
You can all sit here feeling empathetic,
But truly, you are apathetic,
And its people like you, the world’s so pathetic,
And look at people like me as a fanatic

But what is done, can’t be reversed
And you never know who you’ve cursed.
And I hope you live without regret,
And I hope this “poem” didn’t make you upset.
You never know that it was because of you,
That someone decided that they were through.
They could’ve lived a life happy as mine,
Only to find themselves hanging,
At the end of the line.
Ma Cherie Oct 2016
Opossum's in Vermont, Humph.

Ain't no kitty,
looks like Global Warming doesn't it?

Yup, it sure does poet.

Cherie Nolan© 2016
Do something say something hear my voice
Colin Kozol Dec 2014
Three seconds could be rough
Three seconds might feel tough
And When the time comes that our seconds are up,
Will three seconds ever be enough?
Here I stand before you and say,
Life is short so live your own way
When the sun comes out and you see the light,
Do u feel joy or shield your eyes in fright?
I have seen deaths bitter end
I sometimes feel it closing in
Then I look up
i see gods hand
I suddenly feel tall where I stand
Your three seconds will come and pass
So Be proud of your life and know it won't last
Your three seconds draw near with every tick
So be careful with who u pick
to spend those last three seconds with
Adriean New Aug 2014
The problem is,
they think they're better.
The question is,
are they really?
They're no better than the man
sleeping on the streets
& they are no better than
the girl over there who can't make ends meet.
they're not better because
they have nicer clothes
or that fancy car that
park itself.
They'd be better by not degrading others.
They'd be better by showing they care.
But people are selfish, harsh & careless.
Don't be like those people.
Help out, volunteer, show you care to
those who have it harder.
This is our only world, our only
Think about it.
The future
what a peculiar creature, the future.
And how you perceive it, because whether or not you believe it;
the future eludes you, like a scene from a play that is unwritten
Yet you sit in the dark and cold, afraid of the unknown and the untold
stories that are your future, adamant that it will all crash and burn
Yet in turn you do nothing.
You have no doubts your dreams will die; shattered and torn
So you cry for the "inevitable".
But how can you mourn the unborn?
The future is not set in stone until you carve it
So make careful with your chisel, and you might make it.

— The End —