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Dauphin Dolphin
Nevada    Using introversion to share insight from this perception of the world.
dolphin ghost
northeast    someday you will be dead but today you are not
San Pedro    I'm a dude.


there was a little dolphin he got lost at sea
he miles away from his family
caught up in a storm that was far to strong
took him from the place that he did belong
dolphin he was sad and he began to cry
noticed by a whale who was passing by
dolphin told the whale how he had got lost
and into the storm the dolphin he was tossed
whale he said dont worry i know what to do
i  will guide you back to the home that you once knew
whale he led the way to get  the dolphin back
when suddenly he saw some dolphins in a pack
he had found the place where dolphin he should be
happy once again with his family
dolphin thanked the whale for all that he had done
and swam of with his family underneath the sun
Sky  Apr 2015
Dolphin With Hands
Sky Apr 2015
Did you see the dolphin with hands?
They grew from fins
and now he flips cakes,
serving them up for dozens of fans.

Did you see the dolphin with hands?
His keepers were shocked
when they saw the fingers,
long and gray with nails on the ends.

Did you see the dolphin with hands?
He can juggle, he can fight,
there is no one that he can’t smite.
Oh, and he makes houses out of sand.

Did you see the dolphin with hands?
Scientists are baffled,
doctors confused, because dolphins
shouldn’t be able to play in hair metal bands.

Did you see the dolphin with hands?
His name is Finn, despite the lack of them,
and he is a mutant fish
who can flip pans.
This is something I wrote for my creative writing class.