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Fandiaz May 2020
Telanjang bersebaran di permadani
Mencari memanisan di setiap bagian

Lekas sambar reremahan itu
Tak terhingga, Tak merasa
Perkasa namun serakah

Wahai Tuan-Ku, Sang Kekal
Apa Hamba orang lalai ?

Manis Hamba terasa sepai
Menanti Azab Sang Khalik
Doa Hamba teruntuk Tuan-Nya
Leo Janowick Mar 2019
My soul burnt and cold
Smell of burning rubber against the road
Sight of tail lights in the pitch dark
Echo of the fading acceleration lost in the night
I'm going going gone...

That's all I can think
I hit the highway at 130mph
Leave it all behind
Headed anywhere but here

It doesn't seem to matter what I do
Doesn't matter what I feel or say
Because as I leave
I'm already D.O.A.

Under the starlight
You fall off to sleep
Lay in your bed peacefully asleep

Think about the perfect life
While I'm a hundred miles away from here by now
I can't leave this behind
Don't want to, but I can't stay

You lay asleep in your bed quiet and content
You're gonna think I'm mad
But I'm not
I wish I could look in your eyes
Show you how I felt inside
Unwrap my soul
Exposed to feel the heat it once had
You'd then see that I can't be mad

This heart and soul are burning cold
Lost in a world without light

Reality sets back in and I'm, I'm...going, going, gone
It doesn't seem to matter what I do
Doesn't matter what I feel or say
Because as I leave
I'm already D.O.A.
KA Poetry Nov 2017
Mungkin adalah hal yang paling sakral di kehidupan
Terjadi ketika 2 insan bertemu
Saling menerangi sesama

Mungkin adalah hal yang paling ajaib di kehidupan
Terjadi ketika dirimu terlintas di benakku
Turbulensi yang bergejolak di hati dan pikiran

Adalah saat ketika keajaiban akan terjadi
Ketika kuucapkan namamu yang begitu indah di doaku
Agar didengar oleh Allah SWT

Sebuah anugerah yang sangat dijaga
Begitu sucinya dirimu untuk dilihat
Seolah-olah menggugurkan segala bintang

Lelaki yang mendambakanmu
Seperti kerumunan semut yang berciuman dan yang mencubit
Pada waktu satu anak kecil yang menggigit-gigit kuku jari

Rindu adalah bulu matamu, bergulung-gulung layaknya ombak

Perempuan ciptaan cahaya
Perempuan semua anggrek kesayangan
Kau layaknya labuhan terjauh, pekat, tidak berujung
Bolehkah aku berlayar disana?
11/11/2017 | 20.34 |Indonesia
We just had a very scary and not very safe event. we went to a location with no cell service, no electricity and way out in the sticks, spent all our money to do this last effort to get away from harassment and prying eyes and far far more, ( extreme ) and we arrive to have two planes grid searching and them both doing a low slow over our vehicale and 30 minutes later atv's are heard closing in from all directions, and then dismounted personnel so close all around us it was obvious it was to surround us. we then exited the location to find a message on the road where we arrived that was fresh and not there on arrival, that read "DOA" dead on Arrival!. Listen, we do not feel safe period. we can only imagine whom or which group is to have all these assets and tell the truth, surveillance equipment to be watching us for ten years, as well as commit serious offenses that are beyond moral and ethical as well as legal. i am sure you can imagine whom it might be. so we are truly at a loss for what to do, i have attempted to alert via the people whom watch the video and audio feed that comment on the net, so we have zero options and calling the law is ummmmmmm yeah, sure great idea, even though it was lead to be believed that the law enforcement were the good guys, but we have come to realize this is far from the confirm able truth for the assets and well, lack of  security and the number of online idle and none specific threats..

— The End —