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Fandiaz 6d
I have smile, used to be
I have hopes, used to be
I have dreams, used to be
I have faith, used to be
Used to be, i have you, Camellia

What i have right now is betrayal and paradoxes
Loneliness is my morning
anxieties is my night

I’m the Lonely Guy
#love #english #brokenheart #nobucin #sad #lovestory #loneliness
Fandiaz 6d
What is power ?
Is it position ?
Is it wealth ?
Is it desire ?
Is it influence ?
Is it tangible ?

From polyarchy to panopticon
Finally get habitus
No one can ever describe it
Unless you have a dose of those diseases
#english #man #politics #bourdieu #foucault #RobertDahl
Fandiaz Feb 11
Kecacatan yang sempurna
Kekurangan yang ideal
Keheningan yang menggelegarkan hati
Kesetiaan yang abadi
Keimanan yang menyilaukan
Kecantikan yang menenangkan

Untuk-Mu, Lyra-Ku
#love #indo #indonesia #cinta
Fandiaz Feb 7
In my deepest consciousness
I want to forget
Whatever it is
Therefore i can be free
I’m elated
Give up everything
The memories
Fandiaz Feb 6
*** bim bam
Rawr roar ruwr

Beep boop biip
Bzz booing bssst

There’s a whisper
“You’re weak, disgrace, a failure”
Von Gogh ?
Tesla ?
Napoleon ?

I finally understand
I really do
Maybe its true

We were really dead when no ones remember us even blood still flows in our body

— The End —