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Pyrrha Oct 2018
Through her fingertips she casts a pretty little spell
It fills with words she feels about a petty little devil
Replaced by her blind rage, a hex slips past her lips

Never ******* a pagan witch
In honour of Samhain
poor Ms May inherited Brexit
she sure wishes that she could hex it
away to the gorges of hell
so that no supporter can tell
that she‘s found an ingenious exit
Diána Bósa May 2018
Traveling by the
speed of light just to bend time
and space I came to

cross over unknown
galaxies for reaching your fond
hex-black singularity.
Tyler Castro Apr 2017
Conceived at night, tomorrow be mourn
Still and quiet, Wretch's babe be born
Hex for hex, curse for curse
The Witch's undoing shall be the worst
May my friend Aim pay a visit
May his screams be exquisite
Father of dog food, husband of a Harlot
Miraculous keeper of her loose undergarments
May his eyes boil and his organs char
Mere punishment for her promiscuous charm
Child and homeless, she'll wonder through the dark
Mere atonement for my aching heart
By Tyler Castro
Anger brings out the worst in people...
hazael-fae Apr 2017
curious animals beating on drums
a feeling of tranquility overwhelms my veins
this spirits presence is too much like magic
for now this melody is a hex
enchanting my mind to think
as if they were drums
a dizzying mess of sounds
blessings of fresh air swirling in my lungs
convincing the reality to fade away
soft rain falls to this melody
for now the language of the rain speaks
a magical hymn
Fogged up mind
suffocated by smoke
burning away all my worries
I close my eyes, letting this feeling take me away
I am new
For I no longer hold the traits of a human.
Sorrow, misery, jealousy, every feelings of guilt is washed away
veins filled with energies dancing stillness.
Sanaa Aug 2014
Her lips looked like two lakes
smothered in blood,
and her laughter; an act of splitting the sea in two,
the brushed teeth – soft salty shore
the widened mouth – its split
the emitted sounds echoed – fluctuating waves

Her breath was that of the
water particles; the sky its destination,
sunny, humid, a blessing – showers, blistering rain

Her anger, lightning bolt, contagious, unwelcoming
inflicting sickness thereafter
a-choo, a-choo, another,
spreading quickly then quicker,
causing a quiver, a stutter, an utter
“stop. Bring us blood again,
lakes of blood again”

willingly, submits, humming chirps of birds,
she announces
the end – an eventful beginning
sun rising, rainbows forming, she is laughing.
Again. The sea is splitting, again.

— The End —