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stopdoopy Sep 2018
Pretty Little Pink,

all wrapped up in silk,

for me.

Beautiful you are,

a gift to gaze upon,

making the hunger grow inside.

My oh my,

you do look delectable, my dear;

and I am starving.
I saw some lipstick and am listening to some music and I just wanted to write something more provocative. Left it gender neutral on purpose. Wish I wrote this depicting something more "filthy" but... ya do what you can.
Esridersi Apr 2018
The humming of the birds
inside the butterflies of my heart and tummy
start AFTER
the blueberry-peppermint scents
of your hair tickle and dance in my nose, but BEFORE
the streams of amber and yellow rush
to drown the still forest living on your face, in warmth and peace,
so that I might see your lips,
acquaint my hand
with your hips,
to hush and silence these birds...
that's when I kiss you~!
E McNamara Jun 2018
My lips are fresh berries
And my heart, a creamy peach.
When I speak,
My mouth drips mango juice,
Delectable and raw.
My mind is plentiful dragon fruit.
My eyes are green melon,
Bright and dewy.
My fingertips, fragile blackberries,
Tender and rich.
My lungs are tangy lemon slices.
To match my lemon soul-
Consuming crisp air.
My tongue, pleasant as pomegranate
**** and joyful.
I am alive.
Can you smell the peaches?

— The End —