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Amitav Radiance Mar 2015
Imagined dialogues
Occurs in the mind
A rendezvous with self
Many do not see light
Revolves within
The corridors of mind
Heart privy to them
They do not find words
In silence they come alive
Mind as the host
Imaginary dialogues
So many conclusions
And many more clamors
None settles down
Some may find a way out
Others will be left
To their fate
DRPQ Feb 2015
you make me less of a reality by putting me in a box

is it too much ask that you should hope a little?

"don't jump to conclusions," you'll say

but darling, ever will I try to reason this out because I'm scared of our one true final conclusion

which I still am to figure out
Beleif Jul 2014
A Billion Stories
Book III: Conclusions
Part III: The Doubtful Little Fish

May I peek beyond the line of the waters?
Might I see the source of the light in the seas?
For what purpose is land if its borders are foreign?
For what purpose is light if its maker is sheet?
For what purpose is life if it starts in a reef? 
Does death wait on the shoreline?
Or does a fellow who greets?
Beleif Jul 2014
A Billion Stories
Book III: Conclusions
Part III: The Snake of Enlightenment

Let him think!
Let him, have seen!
Beauty should not be an opposable thing!
Wisdom is greatness! 
Go hide from the group!
My love is not laughter,
My love is for truth!
Don't bid farewell to everything!
Don't look at the scene in reverse!
And let wisdom be shown,
But not only for words!
Beleif Jul 2014
A Billion Stories
Book III: Conclusions
Part I: Unified Field Theory

Created by love,
Created by magic,
Created by mercy
The venom is tragic.
Pull the threads,
Roll the yarn;
Sew the man to understand.
Let him love,
Let him wilt,
Let him speak and
Let him think.
Do not tell, 
Keep me hidden,
Let him find out for himself.
Nicole Alyssia Apr 2014
The sun rises
I wake every morning
Into a deep sleep,
Teetering between reality
And a vehement dream

Ah, the latter
A playground of torrid fantasies,
Credible delusions,
False conclusions.

I don't really like it here
This dark, chaotic, hostile place
A reflection of the deep, recesses
Of my subconscious mind.

I meander the fine line
Between these two worlds
Unable to voluntarily choose
Which I will participate in

Psychosis? Not entirely
I am well aware of the discrepancy
Yet, the pull of the latter
Is much too strong

It lures me in...
Offering solace in the form of
Anger, denial and doubt
Comforts I have grown accustom to

Time and time again I succumb
You see, the battle is not with you
It is within myself

— The End —