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RlP Apr 10
Write me
sweet nothings
and bring me
little cakes.

Talk to me
like you've never spoken before
and you're drowning
in things to say.

Tell me how much I mean to you
but don't just tell me
show me.

Write me your sweet, sweet nothings.
And bring me your soul on a
silver platter.
Show me you love me before it's too late.
Zack Ripley Feb 24
We're all magicians.
We all make money
Disappear before our eyes.
Too bad we don't have x ray vision
To see through people's lies
Manu M Aug 2015
Sometimes when you read a verse
The words hit your soul hard
They make you wonder all night
“How can someone fabricate such a piece of art?”

The feeling each syllable holds
Gets carved into your heart
Words inspiring you to weave some of your own
Which might cause the ordinary populace to feel your warmth

With excitement flooding
You pick the quill only to wonder
Would your quill succeed in
Re-creating the magic
You recently witnessed?

You drop the quill
Not because of self-doubt
But because you just know
That some magic tricks only belong
With svelte magicians
And sometimes you yield sweet joy
In being touched by others
Just witnessing greatness…
SøułSurvivør May 2015

What lies beneath the surface?
All the media hype?
What lies beneath your internet,
your TV and your Skype?

What lies beneath the input
that boggles your wee brain?
What's up with politicians?
The jingoist refrain?

What's up with Miley Virus,
in her fairy leotard
******* bare for all to see...
hoist on her own petard?

Is it all it seems?
A world that's just sick?
Or is it a great metaphor
for a magic trick?

While the Great Houdini
rolls up with a band
you're watching smoke n mirrors
and disregard his hands.

Televangalists preach prosperity!
Filling up the pews,
While you're watching people
going crazy on the news!

What lies beneath Denver?
The Dome of the Rock?
Are there great growing cities?
Or is all of that just talk?

There was once a mighty ship
they thought would never sink...

Folks, what's beneath's an iceberg


(C) 5/19/2015
Smoke and mirrors.
NWO wants to **** off BILLIONS.

Alan S Bailey Apr 2015
I'm a magician,*

Everywhere, every day I do magic, the magic that no one sees,
It is quite silent-the kind you can't hear, the forest for the trees.
Changing, rearranging the whole world "as good as new,"
Flash of fire lightning and rain and a sea was parted too!
Frightened figures hold each other, the earth it shakes,
The vaguest of lost lovers, the energy each marriage takes.
I'm  a person on a mission, I'm a magician, pulling rabbits
Out of hats, telling people run for cover from the "vampire"
Bats. I'm a stranger on a mission as a faith magician what
Could it be? I'm here to preach to you about a God
You can not see! So now that I've told you all that
He's real he is all that you will ever know or feel.

— The End —