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Seema Sep 2017
The speech of the great saints
From the mythical era unknown
Strangely echos in my brain
To my ears it seems known

The sound of their chants vibrate
Tickling my soul within its realm
My spirit tries to reciprocate
But my heart rejects its claim

The chakras in my body tends to communicate
Of why I hear such humming voice
The gates to my soul opens and awaits
Yet my heart is puzzled to make a choice

I'll just let it be, till the voices become clearer
It's soothing, the way the humming hymns flow
Echos from far and past swings nearer
My brain and soul consumes it slow...

Paul Butters Sep 2017
Yell your head off
And shout, shout, shout.
Get in amongst them
And put it about.

We’re awake now, hear us cry!
Full of energy,
Watch us fly.

Out of our slumbers,
On the up.
Highly charged,
We’ll win The Cup.

We’re all full of motivation,
Hear our incantation.
Forward we go, bursting with pride.
Come with us, enjoy the ride.

We’re the greatest, we all know.
Ever ready to fight the foe.
We are winners through and through,
Even better than Doctor Who.

We will put the world to rights.
You will see incredible sights.
All together we unite,
So stay with us and
The future’s bright.

Paul Butters
Lyrical again.
Counting Kisses Mar 2016
Give me a kiss; kiss me again; give me another kiss.
Give me a kiss; kiss me again; it’s utter oral bliss.
Give me a kiss; kiss me again; give me a kiss, and then,
Give me a kiss; kiss me again; then kiss me again and again.
Give me a kiss; kiss me again, since this is an absolute fact:
Give me a kiss, kiss me again, and I’ll be sure to act.
Give me a kiss; kiss me again; hear! hear this! and respond!
Give me a kiss; kiss me again, and crave my magic wand!

Samantha May 2015
It's too loud.
Is it the chatter of unknowing strangers
Or the voices screaming in my head?

The music doesn't drown them out.
They're getting louder, singing with the music
Turning lyrics into phantom chants

Their summons echoes through the chasm

I can feel the shattering.
Feel the madness breaking in.

I need to run.

— The End —