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Lala Nov 2015
I placed myself here by saying 'Yes'
I am a pawn on the simple game of chess
We are all victims.
Agreeing to what we assume will make us look normal?

But all we Need to know.
Is to Just say that simple word

Lala Sep 2015
Inspiration surrounds me
Yet I can't grasp it.
Support is said
However terribly given
That saying springs to my mind
"It's easier said then done"

I am sitting
and not doing
My head appears to be jumbled up
Concentration has not been taken into consideration.
I can think. I think.
I argue constantly in my head.
I feel as if I can't stick at one description.
Lala Jul 2015
I write for Pleasure
I **** for *Leisure
Lala Jul 2015
When Long distance brought us both firmly together.

Yet, when I moved
I've felt
As if distance between us became stronger..

How can moving closer cause this pain of distance?

I have chosen and accepted the life of less.
But you must accept that I must gain more.
Listen to me.
I am also tired.

I feel your ignorance blossom as you watch me struggle.
I'm drowning in my own self worth.
Lala May 2015
The moon illuminates over white silhouettes
A Hand delicately cupping a face
A naked flesh embrace
Legs entwined together
These moments lasting forever
Lips lingering
Eyes seeking
Fingers tracing
Two individuals finally feeling.
For my One.
Lala May 2015
I am a dainty little thing
Tears spill from eyes while I sing

I had been expected to marry last   spring
My finger still had the ring

I don't know who murdered the king?

You see,
He was meant to marry me....
As I held the key..

It opened his heart
Like a work of art!
Still working on it
  May 2015 Lala
There's a reason why there's present, future, and past
Tenses of verbs proves that nothing can last
It doesn't meant that when he said "I love you" but he left it's fake
It's possible that he really did but it eventually changed

"I love you"
"I loved you"
"I'll love you"

It's never the same
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