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neth jones Feb 2022
i feel drunk
when reading about drunks
no bracement
i look up from the book
it's 6:45 a.m.
i'm in the hospital cafeteria
nearly time for work

in a stranger
     i clock a face
                     struggling to become a face
            she breakfasts
bent under a hood of hair
(she's not sure what expression
                     to let be witnessed )
i dodge her glance

the windows
make a massive jet mirror
          reaching the full ballroom height
a shield onto hard darkness
   protected from a primal cavity
the patrons are shied in its casting
a smudging forms at its base
   the horizon beeking
   an easing hint of winters sun

the glow is wanted
          but it brings nothing new to its display
still a hibernal wash
i don't hum with these morning frequencies
they can be beautiful
but i pitch sickly
and i suspect
the stranger girl is also no dawn spark either
not a morning person
Juliana Mar 2021
She was put together
like the glistening gold,
the perfect patty,
of a McDonald’s hashbrown.

He had fallen apart
to mutilated mush,
the saltless
slivers of the
school cafeteria’s.
Breeze-Mist Nov 2016
If any of my fellow students knows this
This question as long lived as my school is old:
Why the hell do the teachers keep
The cafeteria so ******* cold?!
The cafeteria is kept at least ten degrees below the rest of the school's temperature. If you don't bring a jacket to lunch, you're *******.
Akira Oct 2015
I've never been the type of girl
To fall so easily for a guy
But here I am falling for you
And I can't even fathom why

You were just a cafeteria crush
My feelings weren't supposed to grow
But with these food and snack encounters
I found that we've reaped and now we sow

Your cool fingers on my neck
Halt me enough to arch my spine
I know our love wouldn't be tragic
But I can't let history rewind

So I'll let you in eventually
When these walls all finally come down
But if you decide to climb them
Please don't be crushed if you hit the ground
Anthony Caceres Nov 2014
This is the place intro
The place you’ll always remember. The place that forever changes you.  Good or Bad it changed you and you have to push through it or stroll with it. But Good or Bad your still here

This is the Place that brought the shadows
The desolate table filled with shadowy beings
I lay down filled with loneliness
As I devour the horrible substance
I think about the happiness I had in my old school
The laughs, the jokes, the friends.
I end up here at this table with
Inconsiderate people that I lied to myself to believe
that they were friends
Friends that were rejects
Friends that didn’t care
Friends that wouldn’t care
I acted liked I enjoyed the time their
though truly this disgusting , horrific table was never home
I went and did acts that weren’t wholesome
This table changed me.
A dark time in my life
So I got up and left this round dark blue seat
With these people that wouldn’t give a literal **** about me
I left from loneliness to loneliness
The Darkness never changed until
I saw a new table, a table that embraced me and
This led to a new table
It led me to a table that changed me for the good
A table that wouldn’t reject me
That wasn’t the place
This is the place
Another one from my english class enjoy

— The End —