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I bought one of his
first editions
He would've preferred I spent it
at the track

We all disappoint
Rift rafters fall for the love of their sinister lives that continue long after the setting sun,

Breathers lay out their arms welcoming peace with a deadly knife,

Sought after visions lie but for a just cause,

Simple villains turn tides when truth proved to be theirs to gloat,

Lips of curves softly calling for the ears of new found kings,

Lofting lost but on the path that was sought when no path was given,

Crain the neck to see what is alreadyinfront of you,

Suggested laughs at the subtle sight that was born from the head of a baby,

A free fairing fan fiction frantically falling for free franks from Fredrick's farm facility featured February Fifth,

A test to the cure that causes our noses to run amuck,

Fidget in our seats when words of conversation repeated for few sentences know their bounds,

A long lost rambling mind, tastes silver in the blood of night
An insight to what my children will hear when they ask for words of wisdom.

— The End —