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Abbey Oct 2018
I have this friend right
jack likes to think
he knows everything about music
jack also likes to think
he has the best taste in music
jack also likes to
force his opinions on other people
like jesus christ jack
other people
im getting real sick of my friend jack
im also gettin real sick of all the ****** poetry on this website which is just people angsting about their lives but hey thats what all poetry is isn't it so i decided to give it a go
Abbey Oct 2018
I have never been to Texas.
I have never been to the star-spangled states.
I would like to. One day.
I want to drive along the mobius strip highway,
On the right-side-wrong-side-not-the-left-side of the road in a right side driver seat car.
I’d watch the kilometers miles tick by.
To look to the horizon and see the lone, level lands stretch away into nothingness.
I think that would be pretty great.
I would drive and drive and drive and drive.
I would drive right into the absolute oblivion of a West Texas highway at night.
The stars would be brighter there.
I really like the mountain goats also I cannot figure out how to publish this
SIKE you just use that drop down box huh
Abbey Oct 2018
Dear Wikipedia,
you get so much **** and none of it deserved
for the world of knowledge which you preserve
teachers seem to hate you, say you're unreliable
but to me you are the most desirable
the bounty of general knowledge you posses
is the pinnacle of finesse
So yeah that was my poem I just made. I was overcome with a defensive affection for Wikipedia just now because everyone always says 'anyone can write anything on Wikipedia so its not a good source' but I disagree. firstly how many people go onto Wikipedia pages and make stuff up for fun? there cant be that many and there's a crap-tonne of Wikipedia pages anyway so the likelihood that the one you're looking at has been ******* with is slim. '
And while i agree that it may not give you the most in depth understanding of a topic, its certainly a good starting point anyway to give you a quick overview of a topic to perhaps see what part of it you want to explore more.
rant over.
later potaters.

— The End —