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Julie Grenness Jan 2020
Let's visit our sacred space,
Pray for blessings of grace,
Pray for an encounter with the Lord,
If it all came true, we'd all be awed,
Personal encounters with grace,
Hidden, but not far, in our sacred space.
Feedback welcome.
Ami Shae Oct 2017
Sometimes it's almost frightening,
to come here and see
all the beautiful poems,
all the poets
who are so much better
than me...
I have so much admiration
so much awe
that sometimes I wonder
why I try to write at all,
but now and then
I'll come back here
and do my best to pen, to write
and hope I can overcome
my sense of fright...
oh my many of you are so amazing and so talented! I wish I were better at writing, at expressing how I feel inside, but all I can do is try, right? Thanks for the beauty of your writes...sorry I'm not around more... :(
Ghania Sohail Apr 2014
In poetry and words
I found my Heaven.
And here I found my heaven indeed.

— The End —