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Kilam TA Dec 2016
I won't stand still
I won't do nothing
I won't be silent
I won't be rigid
I won't be inanimate
I will not pose for glory
I won't remain in my designated spot
I will not be pabulum
I will not join the flock
I will continue to follow the cadence of my heart
And I will continue forward
Kilam TA Dec 2016
Do you remember falling in love?
The fall, the drop, the initial rush of the first decline
To never look behind,
I ask you do you remember the fall? The uncertainty, the excitement, the mystique of an alternative to our current existence as mere extension of our parents.
I ask you do you remember, the fall? The decent, you lips quivering with anticipation of a great crash, a blaze of glory and a way…out
I ask you do you remember the fall because I do. I remember my fear, I remember my rejoice and I remember my surrender. I remember depending on my faith opposed to my intuition and best judgment. I remember saying yes, with no just cause of why.
I remember thinking, what if I fail? What if I can’t, what if..simply…I won’t? Do you deserve that? Do you deserve my deception? Do you deserve my sins, my imperfections,
Do you deserve my…pain? A pain…in which you can not fix?You…….not. And you deserve better.
But, if the eyes are the window to the soul then, what I saw was a game winning play, a heroic rescure, what I saw was peace…and hope. Hope of a better you….a better me….a better us.
Don’t you want…to be better?
Aren’t you tired of being ILL….AREN’T YOU TIRED of being…tired?
I was, and so I made a choice, I made a choice to fall, and when I fell I accepted the consequences of failure, but with that failure would come salvation….and end…to it all. It was a great fall… was MY, fall, A great fall.
But what was more impressive is that when I fell, I didn’t crash, instead I continue to float, fly and soar.
You keep me up. You keep me safe. You keep me whole.
I remember the fall….but I will always enjoy more….the love.
Kilam TA Dec 2016
Favorite no favors
How did you wings shade me from the darkness of the unknown?
Why have you been my charm?
Scarcely we challenge a dog’s bark, a bird’s flight or a hero’s dedication so why question your love?
Favorite no favors
Your fondness of me is frightening
Not in fear, but fascination of your fortitude, fortunately for me your admiration give me comfort within myself and us, so I welcome this gift
An “us” I have never known
Together an understanding, a passion and unwavering will with the strength of 5 fingers, synchronized and focused against any symbol of celebration four more than one because it takes two.
Me and you, Us over I, us not them, them not us because us is all,
All, in
Two hands, two legs, one brain, one heart and one goal
Fate, good timing and growth bring us here and give us now
So I give you me.
No favors, only full appreciation and attention, for my favorite.
Kilam TA Dec 2016
Okay, for a moment let’s be honest
Let’s not worry about tomorrow, yesterday, friends, family
Expectations, goals, dreams, reputation, stigma, social norms
Let’s forget ALL of that, and let’s focus on this
This feeling, in this moment
Let’s indulge in our desires w/o hesitation or fear of judgment
Succumb to the passion and lust we feel,
Let’s feel – together
Our heart’s pain intertwine without our hands exploring and
Discovering every flaw we have in ecstasy
Let our eyes decode our cryptic body language and understand each
Gasp of breath and listen as the concept of time windless to a whisper
Let us depend on our instincts to guide us towards infatuation
Coated in our scent filling the room forever buried in these 4 walls
As these covers shield us from shame and capture our moment
Stay with me – stay in our moment of freedom and safety.
As our hands interlock let it be a symbol
Not of empty promises and doubt
But as a reminder of what we wish forever felt like
Let me see you – the real you – all of you
This is our moment, one that can’t be replicated, re-imagined or understood
By anyone, but us.
In this moment, all that matters is us
So let’s not let them, or us deprive us, of our moment
Kilam TA Dec 2016
Always know;
Someone wants to see you smile
Not to conform to social standards of beauty and femininity
But because flowers need light and love to bloom and your happiness provides that
Always know; someone wants you to feel appreciated
Not limited to a princess’s robes and a queen’s jewels, but with the honor and honesty that a goddess deserves from those that speak her name
Always know; someone wants to see your vision manifest
Because mankind feeds on negativity, but our deliverance is in your eyes that guide the path for your lips to speak
Lips that appear so soft, clouds grow envious with each word released
Always know; someone understands what you have to offer the world
And for that will align the stars in your likeness and grow stronger in your presences, refusing all contrary notions against your name and heart
Always know; someone wants you to win
Always know; someone feels they already have by knowing and caring for you
That someone is here
That someone, always will be

— The End —