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Dec 2016
Do you remember falling in love?
The fall, the drop, the initial rush of the first decline
To never look behind,
I ask you do you remember the fall? The uncertainty, the excitement, the mystique of an alternative to our current existence as mere extension of our parents.
I ask you do you remember, the fall? The decent, you lips quivering with anticipation of a great crash, a blaze of glory and a way…out
I ask you do you remember the fall because I do. I remember my fear, I remember my rejoice and I remember my surrender. I remember depending on my faith opposed to my intuition and best judgment. I remember saying yes, with no just cause of why.
I remember thinking, what if I fail? What if I can’t, what if..simply…I won’t? Do you deserve that? Do you deserve my deception? Do you deserve my sins, my imperfections,
Do you deserve my…pain? A pain…in which you can not fix?You…….not. And you deserve better.
But, if the eyes are the window to the soul then, what I saw was a game winning play, a heroic rescure, what I saw was peace…and hope. Hope of a better you….a better me….a better us.
Don’t you want…to be better?
Aren’t you tired of being ILL….AREN’T YOU TIRED of being…tired?
I was, and so I made a choice, I made a choice to fall, and when I fell I accepted the consequences of failure, but with that failure would come salvation….and end…to it all. It was a great fall… was MY, fall, A great fall.
But what was more impressive is that when I fell, I didn’t crash, instead I continue to float, fly and soar.
You keep me up. You keep me safe. You keep me whole.
I remember the fall….but I will always enjoy more….the love.
Kilam TA
Written by
Kilam TA  30/M/Seattle
   Doug Potter
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