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Isaac Ward Feb 2018
And shadows enough for two,
For someone far from you,
Sharper than a Blade,
And a part in the play.
Honestly, the Nevernight trilogy by Jay Kristoff is the best I've read, ever. I'm in love, and my heart was shattered at the hands of Godsgrave, and I'm quite terrified and hopeful of what may come in book three. Please, if you haven't read those books, consider it.
Francie Lynch Jan 2018
I was an assassin,
With magnifying glass and firecrackers,
Bringing *****'s destruction down on pismires.
BB's left feathers fluttering on powerlines;
Slingshots made Swiss cheese of tree nests.
It's the Wild West outside the urban boundary
Where the .22 slew coyotes and red-tailed foxes.
Old dogs and tired cats were destroyed.
And just now, when the January thaw is here,
I trapped a housefly between my windows,
Opened to draw air.
It will die of starvation in a merciless frenzy.
"******," cried the old king.
"Most foul."
King Hamlet.
No animals were hurt in the making of this poem.
Tommy Randell Oct 2017
JFK was shot
We know that someone shot him
Still History waits

Tommy Randell 27th October 2017
It started with a devious question
And the answer was clear
To all
But a curious faction
Fueled by fear,
With the means to concoct
An Orwellian plot
That rendered hate normal,
Like bible study.

Let the Right say, 'Amen'.

"She should be in jail," said
A lady in the deli
With a red cap
And matching tee.

Her eyes spewed fire;
Mine stayed on the menu.
Bypassing the bologna,
I ordered turkey on rye,
To Go.

I had a revolution to catch.
One I'd missed like the polls
On Election Eve.

Dylan shot nine,
Sparing one to spread the news
And start a race riot
Before Obama takes away our guns.

Then Vladimir bombed
A city Gary didn't know
But no one asked Don.

"I like you," said one tyrant
To another.
"But I despise Fidel, CNN and ObamaCare.
They are all dead to me."

We heard the lie.
Of the grand Muslim celebration in Jersey
After the towers fell.

And a million more.
Yet the tide of deaf ears kept growing,
Engulfing US in a tsunami
Of *****-grabbing misogyny
That made Bill blush
And gave Hill another shocking traumatic defeat.

Women from Times Square
To Tokyo rained on his parade
And a speech spawned in 7th grade
Earned an A on FOX
And a wet sticker
Everywhere else.

Let the world say, "Impeach Him!"

~ P
It sounds like a broken record
Feels just like a revolving door
When another tin-star soldier
Explains what somebody died for
When both sides are crying "justice!"
But when all things are complete
There's another broken family
There's more blood out in the street.

And there's nobody to answer for
The systemic elimination
Of innocent black men and boys
Across this old and broken nation.
When guilt is predetermined
And last resorts become reflex
A whole race of Americans
Are forced to worry "Am I next?"

You don't have to like the truth
In order for the truth to be.
You can cry out furiously
When men in protest take a knee,
But if you deny the evidence
When the truth is brought to light
Then, you're a sucker or a liar,
Either way, you're just not right.
I try not to judge situations based on emotion, but my heart is heavy, and I'm angry, and emotion is all I can offer right now.   If you're the kind of person that would belittle or justify the ****** of Terance Crutcher, then you're the kind of person I don't care of I offend.
The truth doesn't need you to accept it in order for it to be the truth.
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