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fifty years have come and gone
since that fateful November day
when men of greed and fear of peace
took the chance away

removed all hope of paradise
a world serene and free of hate
divided not by war, but sea
where love directs our fate

we run and hide from truth we fear
denial is the easier pill
we laugh at those who held the truth
whose innocent blood did spill

should the Sun soon set
on our Camelot lost
when evil conquers good
they will find no mention in our history books
of the ****** in the wood
Seema Jun 2017
I may be a fallen angel
From beyond the skies
Or a broken star
Burying with silent cries

Clutching onto my wings
Bearing many hurtful scars
Deemed from my own realm
While sentenced behind bars

...The conspirators,
Used me for their deed
I was one of them
Sadly, I was only their need...

Widened sleepless eyes
Searching for my freedom
In a world full of lies
I've lost, a dream kingdom

Slowly a step ahead of time
Walks my death in plain
Looking at my shroudful body
Piercing me with more pain

...Rise to my call
O' kind souls of evil
Let this world fall
I call onto the devil...

In grief and dismay
I shall rest in peace soon
My name has been called upon
To be hanged till death, at noon!

Tatiana Dec 2014
Strike the match!
Light the candles!
Conspirators gather 'round!
For we have come to eradicate,
the world of the old,
the useless,
the weary,
and the crowned.

Watch the wax!
Drip down so fast!
Let this drop seal our order,
the world of the chaotic,
the frantic,
the paranoid,
and the crying soldier.

See the flames!
Light the faces!
Of all who gathered today,
the world of the noble,
the sinner,
the suspicious,
and the people stuck in dismay.

The wax stops!
It drips, no more!
The infamous clock strikes twelve,
the world of the lights,
the candles,
the flames,
and watch as they drip the other way.

Look, those candles!
They melt in reverse!
All that work was sent backward,
the world of destruction,
the pain,
the confusion,
and the candles never burn downward.

The candle has melted!
It's just wax!
It had cooled on the table,
the world of the conspirators,
the liars,
the cheaters,
but the flames were always stable.

— The End —