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Addison René Nov 2023
how long does it take to drown?
tumultuous and predictable
does it hurt?
i don’t know where she begins and ends.
you’re good with kids,
but i think you’re being impulsive.
you should think about staying here.
think about the beauty,
amex black cards,
and impeding lateness.
you would think about
becoming something else.
i bet you’re going to be homeless,
or a dream that never existed,
just like a sick scam,
and then die.

which then,
means your little darling
will dissolve.
Addison René Nov 2022
In 1948 I was twelve years old and I thought I wanted to be  

In 1948 I was sick.
At least that is what my mother told me.
She said I saw things that weren’t there.  
Like the sun in the bathroom  
at midnight. She said my little friends
in the feathered grass weren’t real.

In 1948, I think I was infected.
Sometimes I dreamed about things
I know I shouldn’t. I’m not allowed  
to talk about it. If I could, I would run away
out West. There are cornfields there. And nothing.
I think I want a whole lot of  
nothing. And corn.

In 1948 I spent the summer
In Maine with my mom
and stepfather.
I was alone most of the time
in the field. My house in the distance
spun in circles, and I dreamed  
about not being in Maine with my mom  
and stepfather.

In 1948 I was right.
Everything is real. I still have to keep my eyes open  
when I fall asleep because I know the bookshelf
Talks to me at night, the stairs  
always spiral in and out of view,  
and my friends in the grass were real.
They still speak to me  
inside my head.  

In 1948, I was twelve.  
All I wanted was to be alone.
Addison René Nov 2022
you have to walk down the hallway
like it's an abandoned runway

(only if you want to feel better about yourself)

smile at people who
don't want to be smiled at

you have keep it together
make the bed and kiss him goodbye

you will say you're sorry even if you're not
say you mean it even if you don't

you'll pick up the clothes from the floor
put them in the washing machine
dry them fold them and stuff them
down your throat
Addison René Jun 2022
We live in a city that is known for
its industrial-centered suburbs,
filled with warehouses and slow moving
tractor trailers that make wide turns and clog up our traffic lights
even when it’s not rush hour.

There’s lots of crime in the heart of the city but because we live in the suburbs

our Ring Neighbors Safety Reports posts that read, “Last Night @ 2:33 AM Young Girls In Our Yard”, “Curious visitor?”, and “SMYSER ST 3 GUYS SCOPING”  

are often overlooked because of this

and sometimes I leave our doors unlocked

(the last part is not true)
Addison René Jun 2022
i am happy
i'm in love.

i eat cheetos
i'm a slob.
i should just *******.

i am sleepy
i'm inconsolable
i like nothing.

you're uncontrollable.
Addison René Jun 2022
i traced the outline of the
bug bites on my knees,
while your insecurities
floated by in my memories.

it was about 100 degrees.
humid air hanging on our skin,
so freshly destroyed and
rotting out like
some kind of disease.

i traced the outline of the
stars in the sky,
tried to figure out which way
the sun would rise.
i never knew much about astronomy,
but enough to know you never
deserved an apology.
Addison René Dec 2020
oh sweet babies,
so young and naive.
can you see the destruction?

water bottles and
screws, rusting with the
damaged and rotten

your childhood pictures in the mud,
sprawled out with memories
now they lay with the dead
and forgotten

oh sweet babies,
so tired and sweet.
climbing on tree bark
and playing in the

oh sweet babies
don't look anywhere else
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