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Cynthia Jean Oct 2016
to know me is to know tears
to know Him is to know the same
but He promises to wipe them all away,
and to make all things new
with no sorrow added...
real true hope and love
anticipating the kingdom of God
to this earth.

Cj 2016
Don't Exist Mar 2015
They only come when I'm exhausted
Existing until I blink
and when I try to bring one out
It makes my stomach sick
Narayani Feb 2015
Do you remember the day we met?
Such a foolish Question  
You would  have met so many ,
Then how  could i be that special one  
Yeah I was bad in exploring you
Yeah I was bad in discerning you
Yeah I was bad in grasping you
But as you know , I was a debut here
I might have made mistakes in the source
But now , I trying to get deeper into you
And you’re not onto me
Why you left me so alone
Those lines you told me first,
Hello world !
You neither asked me for a “system.out.println“ nor a console.writeline
Just a print  !
You made my days more vivid
I was falling for you day by day
But what you did to me now?
You showed me what to dream where to go and what to do
I tried my good but not my best
So I Tripped  !
But you know something ?
We were in Love
You din chose me
Still I choose you ,
I don’t want to call you as my X
Be my Y , be my reason to love live n laugh
Python! I've fallen for you like a blind roofer, literally !

— The End —