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Bhill Jun 2019
Who led the parade
76 trombones did
Along with cornets...

Brian Hill - 2019#137
That song in your head helps with word creation....
You see so many different people
At the swimming pool.
People with a diving mask,
Checking out girl's ***.
Children splashing water
On each other's floaties.
Mothers and fathers,
Making sure their kids are safe.
Two people swimming after each other,
Flirting with no words.
Old people swimming
From one shore to the other.
People waiting in line,
To go off the water slide.
A couple constantly making out
In front of everybody.
You see very hot people,
And very ugly ones.
Small, big,
Old or young.
All those people
Have one thing in common.
They're happy.
A poem every day.
Tommy Jackson Sep 2015
I was edgy
On edge
On her bed.
Losing my head,
Feeling dread
Lost instead.
She leaned in
Showed me sin
Passed a note
I smile, nod, grin.
A year to quick
She had me
I slipped.
Got high with the coolies
Rock and rolled
Forgetting me
And my wife's
Late night movie.
Met her back
At her up stairs pad.
Had her then
Still have her now.
And still I'm at her place
I got her hooked
From my jamming
With strings, and my ring
She's my honey bunches honey bee.
This is my reminiscence
For my sugary dream.
anna Apr 2015
it's been a while since I spoke here last
I know who I am and who I want to be
And it's all thanks to you
Thank you.

— The End —