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sanch kay Jul 2015
if there's only one thing I could do all my life;
it would be to know you - *all of you.
can we sit up late tonight and talk?
sanch kay Apr 2015
of childhood vice
of ice and spice
of whisky dreams
fermented schemes
but in the days of lore
I'd promised me
no liquor no powder,
no smoke-paper-and-wool
i'd lose myself to dreams weaved from words
but lately all the colour in my skull comes from drugs
because when i went from sweet sixteen
to a sour twenty one
all i did every day of the month of the year
to **** you all off,
every single promise,
one by one i killed you,
To every promise I made myself and shattered like a glassbulb.
Samantha Mar 2015
Every morning
At 2am
I always find myself cruising down the memory lane
Retracing my steps
Cause I don't know when

When did we arrive at a crossroad
Where it's either
Just you or me
No us No we

When did our love run out
And it's either we stop
Or crash

When did the brakes fail us
And we went careening straight to tears
And heartbreak

When did we get lost
And never found each other again
erika hernandez Sep 2014
"Maybe this time will be different", she thinks to herself as she lets his hands travel down inside her pants but she's only fooling herself into believing that such love can exist.
Silver Lining Aug 2014
It's 2am.
I am sitting in the middle of my bedroom
on the ground
I'm just starring out my window.
Watching the moon drift softly across the sky,
the outline blurred through my sheer black curtains.  
I'm listening to the cricket's soft cry.
And I'm letting myself drift away with the moon.
Let me die.. Let me die.
I can barely stay awake right now.

— The End —