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Jacob  Jun 2017
Jacob Jun 2017
These 2 AM feelings, I've been fighting not to let them in
I've been sick and only you can be the medicine
I know you've got a man but who am I to meddle in?
I shouldn't be even talking about this, this is so irrelevant
But I'm going to write it all down just for the hell of it
I'm lost in my thoughts, maybe I'm way ahead of it
Obsessed, yes, I guess just a little bit
If I called you right now would you answer it?
If I called you right now would you stay a bit?
I'm trying to hit you up, ask you what you're down for?
Tell me what you're feeling cause I'm trying to stick around though
Let me paint our future, you know I could be Picasso
You could be my only one and I could build you a castle
Tell me where the days went as everyday with you is amazing
I'm losing motivation, I got a love song playlist up in rotation
"Should I send her a text?" I'm filled with hesitation
Tell me that you feel it too
I'm losing all my patience
If we aren't together
Then that's so much time wasted
I got no time for these girls who're always getting wasted
You took my heart on a trip and I'm still on vacation
What are you looking for, am I that troublesome?
Wrote you a poem before, and here's another one
Another love poem and you're not even mine
You cross me off your list but you're still crossing my mind
But don't you worry, I'm fine, it's just a little late
When these vibes come on I feel a certain way
If I came through now would you let me stay?
You're my brighter days because I've long been in December rain
Lost in your thoughts, you never know where you're headed
Heart broken and I let it, I honestly need to get a medic
I said it might just go away with sleep but this awfully pathetic
I know I need to get back on the road
Feelings, they come and they go
The thing about our heart is, does it ever let go?
My last one of you.

— The End —